September 2016

National Key Lime Pie Day Recipe

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Do you love pie as much as we do? It’s National Key Lime Pie Day and we want to celebrate it right with this easy, quick recipe. But be warned, this recipe is so good it may need to be repeated over and over… and over again. read more →

Fall (Must Do) Dessert Recipes

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As the year dwindles by, we come closer and closer to Fall. Leaves falling, beautifully colored scenery, and tasty Fall flavors like pumpkin and cinnamon! So as we transition from Summer to Fall, we want you to enjoy the cozy flavors as much as we do with these 4 delicious recipes. read more →

5 Must Have Gadgets You’ll Want for Your Dorm Room

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You’ve been preparing for this moment since high school and it is finally here, College! College is no walk in the park and you are probably wishing you had some gadgets to make the college life easier.  Check out these 5 perfect gadget solutions to all your college dorm dilemmas. read more →

Best Labor Day Potato Salad Recipe

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We all know that Labor Day officially marks the last day of summer grilling and cook outs and you can’t have a Labor Day celebration without potato salad! This potato salad recipe is easy and you customize it to your liking! The only bad thing about it is that it probably won’t last very long once it’s served!

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