December 2016

Tasty Cookie Recipe for Santa

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Okay everyone, there is officially five more days until Christmas and right about now you are checking things off your “To Do list” as fast as possible. For those of you with children we know that one of those things on that list is ‘Cookies for Santa.’ We also know that you probably hear “don’t forget the cookies for Santa” 20 times a day because we all know Santa has a sweet tooth and probably needs a snack or two for his long night of work. So, we are here to help! Check out this tasty chocolate chip cookie recipe that will surely have Santa licking the crumbs right off the plate! read more →

Holiday Gift Guide

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With the holiday season in full swing, time is slowly running out to get the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Luckily, we’ve created the perfect holiday gift guide to help you out! read more →

Tasty Eggnog Recipe

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O eggnog, eggnog! Wherefore art thou eggnog? Okay, so maybe that is a little dramatic, but who doesn’t love eggnog right? This sweet drink is perfect for people of all ages and honestly the holidays are just not the same without it! Like pumpkin spice during the Autumn months, eggnog is the go-to treat for Winter. So with that said, here is a delicious homemade eggnog recipe to enjoy with your family this holiday season! read more →

Top 5 Hot Cocoa Recipes

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Nothing is better than sitting in front of a fireplace and enjoying a delicious cup of hot cocoa. I can see it now: mesmerizing flames dancing in the night while you sip on a hot, creamy cup of chocolatey goodness. But really, while not everyone has a fireplace, everyone can have the perfect cup of hot cocoa. All you need is the right recipe and we are here to give you just that! read more →