Last Minute Halloween Party Snacks

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Candy, costumes, jack-o-lantern’s; It’s official, Halloween is right around the corner! And you just realized you are definitely not ready for that party that you planned for. But don’t worry, we are here to help! Let us make your party planning a little bit easier with these tasty, last minute, Halloween party snacks! read more →

Back to School Lunch Ideas

Back to School Lunch Ideas

Summer is over and the school bells are ringing! New classes, new friends, and new experiences, so why go back to the same boring lunches? Here are a few fun and tasty lunch ideas that will help start the school year off the right way! read more →

Top 5 Healthy and Delicious Halloween Party Snacks

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Halloween and Candy are synonymous—and we’re sure your kids will get enough of it trick-or-treating. When it comes to this year’s Halloween party, though, there’s a better, healthier way to feed your kids, friends, and fellow parents!

With our picks for the healthiest and most delicious Halloween Party Snacks, now you can throw a fun and kid-approved party with snacks that aren’t loaded with sugar! All of the recipes below are easy enough that your kids or even party guests can help you prepare them. Try one (or a few!) of these guiltless treats this Halloween: read more →

4 Easy Afternoon Snacks for Back to School

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It’s back to school, and new supplies, homework, and class schedules get a lot of attention!

It’s important to plan for what happens after school, too. Healthy midday snacks can provide your kids with essential nutrition and improve their focus during homework time without spoiling their dinner.

If your family travels straight from school to activities like dance or sports, plenty of after school snack ideas can be made car-friendly.

The snacks below can be prepped ahead of time and will work great whether you’re gathered around the kitchen table or on the go. If you’re already out and about, or if you forget the snacks at home, you can pick up some nut-based trail mix, string cheese, or fresh fruit:

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