Ceramic Grater Plate Set

Ceramic Grater
Ceramic Grater Setgrate chocolateGrate cheese for your dishesAvailable Colors for Grater plate

Ceramic Grater Plate Set

Invented over a century ago in the South of France, this beautiful Ceramic Grater purees garlic quickly and easily with a few strokes of your hand. The grater works equally well for ginger, onions, strawberries, carrots, apples/pears, chocolate, nutmeg, nuts (walnuts/almonds/cashews), cheese (parmesan/aged) & more!

The Set includes

1 Grater Plate

1 Silicone Peeler

1 Brush

World Greatest Grater


Grape – Blue & White, Grape – Blue & Yellow, Garlic – Red & Yellow, Olive – Green & Yellow

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