Toasterbags - 2 Pack

Product Description

The Toasterbag with its non-stick surface cooks snacks for you in just a couple of minutes, retaining all their flavor and vitamins. Toasted sandwiches, pizza slices, panini, pita, garlic bread, bacon and more. Your toaster or grill will remain clean. Toast-it is also suitable for use in all types of toasters, grills, toaster ovens. The bag is reusable up to 50 times.

  • Set contains 2 Reusable (up to 50 times) toaster bags, 100% non-stick one wipe clean
  • Turn your Toaster into a Grill, Prepare a snack in your toaster, grill, toaster oven...
  • Crumb-free toasting reduces cross contact: Perfect for gluten-free breads
  • Grilles: Sandwiches, pizza slices, pita bread, bacon, panini, garlic bread and more
  • Hand wash or place in dishwasher away from heating element.

UPC code C1814X2: 892647000051

$ 4.99
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