Ceramic Grater Set with Garlic Keeper

Product Description
This set includes a Garlic Peeler, Ceramic Grater Plate, Gathering Brush and a matching Ceramic Garlic Keeper. Use the Garlic Peeler to peel garlic gloves without a knife and with very little effort. Simply place the clove of garlic into the silicone tube, roll with the palm of your hand and out comes the peeled garlic. The Ceramic Grater Plate purees garlic quickly and easily with a few strokes of the hand. Also use the grater for grating: ginger, shallots, nutmeg, nuts, chocolate, hard cheeses, fruits and vegetables. The Brush is used to move the pureed garlic, ginger, etc. into the center of the grater for easy removal. The matching Garlic Keeper has been designed to keep garlic cloves fresh for a longer period of time.  The lid keeps out the light but the holes in the jar allows air circulation so the bulbs won’t sprout as quickly. The Garlic Keeper holds about four garlic bulbs.
  • Grater Plate & Garlic Keeper made of fine quality, lead-safe ceramic
  • Dishwasher safe
Available in four beautiful patterns:
  • Olive – green & yellow
  • Red Garlic – red & yellow
  • White Grape – blue & cream
  • Yellow Grape – blue & yellow
  • Decorative Garlic Jar keeps 3 to 4 garlic bulbs fresh.
  • Matching Ceramic Grater (5 1/4" round) grates garlic, ginger, chocolate, cheese, nuts, etc.
  • Garlic Peeler peels garlic cloves without a knife and with very little effort.
  • The Brush is used to easily remove grated products.
  • Cadmium and lead-free, non-porous and dishwasher safe.

UPC code PCQ100 Olive: 890906000361

UPC code PCQ200 Garlic: 890906000378

UPC code PCQ300 white Grape: 890906000385

UPC code PCQ400 yellow Grape: 890906000392

Red Garlic
White Grape
Yellow Grape
$ 24.95

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