Cooks Innovations - Butter Grater - Red & White - Softer, spreadable butter out of the fridge

Product Description

Store your real butter in the Cooks Innovations’ Butter Grater and simply twist it to grate your cold butter into a softer spread.

Get creative and mix-up a sweet honey butter… a savory garlic infused buttery blend… a sharp cascade of seasonings mixed with a creamy butter. Just put your creation in the Butter Mill, store it in the fridge and use it again and again.

After each use, pop the top back on the Butter Grater, and store in your refrigerator.


The Cooks Innovations Butter Grater is a unique invention protected by international patent and trademark laws and manufactured to the highest standards. Regretfully it has come to our attention that knock-offs of our product are now being offered on Chinese websites like etc. Please be aware that these copies violate federal and international law, DO NOT FUNCTION AT ALL, and might be manufactured with materials that are not FDA food-safe approved. Only buy products from reputable, domestic retailers.

UPC code SM1410: 890906000002

How to Use the Butter Grater:


$ 19.99

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