10 Cookie Recipes for Your Special Someone

10 Cookie Recipes for Your Special Someone

Want to really win your Valentine's heart? Why not give them a sweet treat that was made with a whole lot of love? Here are 10 delicious cookie recipes that are sure to win your special someone's heart 😍.

Red Velvet Cookies

Yes, we are starting off this list with Red Velvet Cookies, as in red velvet CAKE cookies! (#mindblown 🤯) They are your favorite decadent cake in cookie form topped with just the right amount of frosting for a cookie that will make you fall in love! Try the recipe here.

Jumbo Brownie Cookies

Just another favorite dessert in cookie form! They are so soft and chewy and chocolatey that you would have to be crazy not to indulge! Just make sure you try to save some for your Valentine! Try the recipe here.


Cherry Kisses

Just the recipe you need to mesmerize that special someone. These cherry flavored cookies not only look hypnotic, but they will also leave you absolutely obsessed after one taste! Try the recipe here.

Chewy Chocolate Cookies

Chocolate is any girl (and guy's) best friend! So why not show your love with these super chewy, super chocolatey, super delicious cookies! Try the recipe here.

Conversation Heart Sugar Cookies

Who doesn’t love a sweet message from someone special? Especially when the message tastes so amazing! Get creative and a little lovey-dovey with these cute, tasty cookies. Try the recipe here.

Chocolate Valentine Kiss Cookies

Share a kiss or two this Valentine’s Day with these delicious Valentine kiss cookies. They taste amazing, are super easy to make, and each cookie is topped with a kiss (a Hershey's kiss that is)! Try the recipe here.

Valentine Chocolate Chip Cookies

These aren't your average chocolate chip cookies! This is basically the traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe with a little twist (that twist being valentine M&M's and white chocolate chips). Try the recipe here.

Valentine Sandwich Cookies

These cookies are fun to make, fun to look at, and even more, fun to eat! Impress your loved ones with these heart-shaped Valentine sandwiches and don't forget to add a sweet message too 😉. Try the recipe here.

Nutella Stuffed Cookies

We surely saved the best for last! Because who doesn’t love sweet, creamy Nutella! These are the perfect cookies to make for your special someone, just try not to eat them all on your own! Try the recipe here.

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