Cooks Innovations Glide Mats on QVC!

Cooks Innovations Glide Mats on QVC!

Our Patented "The Original Glide Mats" were featured on "

In the Kitchen With David" with @davidvenableqvc Click here for video.

Once again, our products doing what they are meant to...make your life easier!

This time, who better than @davidvenableqvc and @dawnmagid to walk you through.

Need help moving around some of those heavy appliances in the kitchen? Enter these glide mats that'll help slide your mixer, blender, coffee makers and more across the counter with ease. From Cooks Innovations.

  • Includes 10" x 10" mat, 12" x 14" mat, and 16" x 18" mat
  • Mats can also be used as trivets
  • Mats can be cut to fit smaller appliances
  • Place pattern side face down; solid-color side face up
  • Machine wash
  • Imported