5 Different Ways to Enjoy National French Fry Day!

5 Different Ways to Enjoy National French Fry Day!

For all our fellow French Fry lovers, National French Fry day is pretty much a big deal! How can we not celebrate the genius that is a French Fry! Whether they are baked or fried, these deliciously crispy treats/appetizers/snacks/food (whatever you categorize them as) are an ingenious creation that absolutely deserves its own holiday! Here are 5 different recipes for you to try for National French Fry day.

Kickin’ Barbecue Style French Frieskickin-barbecue-french-fries

Oh yes! These French fries are full of zesty, sweet barbecue flavor! The secret to these delicious fries is the barbecue rub (which is typically used on ribs!). All the ingredients combined for the seasoning creates a perfect, zesty mixture that gives your fries a giant kick of flavor! Try the recipe out here!






garlic-cheese-friesGarlic Cheese Fries

Garlic cheese fries equals complete satisfaction! The garlic cheese sauce that tops these deliciously deep-fried French fries are sure to be a favorite after the first bite! And since the fries are deep fried, use the Cooks Innovations Deep Fryer Filter for a healthier way to fry your fries! The deep fryer filter ensures your oil stays cleaner longer without the icky, burnt residue! Get yours here and check out the full recipe for these heavenly garlic cheese fries here!




Crispy Zucchini Friescrispy-zucchini-fries

So, these fries aren’t made of potatoes, but they are still fries so they are a must-try! These crispy fries are more on the healthy side of the French Fry world but they are just as delicious! The zucchini makes for an incredibly fresh and flavorful fry recipe. Check out the full recipe here!







cajun-friesCajun French Fries

As the name of these fries reveal they are Cajun fries so you can expect a little kick of spice! The seasoning to these fries is really what makes them so delicious! With a mixture of cayenne pepper, paprika, and cumin, it really is the perfect spicy treat! Check out the full recipe here!






Baked Sweet Potato Friesbaked-sweet-potato-fries

This recipe is another healthier take on French Fries, but also just as delicious as your typical potato fries. This recipe calls for sweet potatoes which includes a large amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C in them! And as a bonus they are baked for an even healthier meal! But to make sure your sweet potato fries still come out perfectly crispy, take advantage of the Cooks Innovations Oven Crisper Basket! It is the perfect tool to avoid soggy fries, with no need for oil! Get your Oven Crisper Basket here and get the full recipe for these tasty fries here!




There you have it! 5 delicious recipes to try on National French Fry Day! And if you want even more fun, tasty recipes, follow us on Twitter!