7 Drinks for Your Kentucky Derby Party!

Who doesn’t love the Kentucky Derby! Delicious cocktails, beautiful horses, and the excitement of the race all combine for a thrilling experience. But since we can’t all be at the actual Kentucky Derby here are a few drinks to bring your Kentucky Derby Party to life!


Mint Julepmint-julep

What’s the Kentucky Derby without the traditional Mint Julep? This drink will give you a genuine Derby experience in the comfort of your own home! Get the recipe for this classic Southern cocktail here!







Lucky Lemonadelucky-lemonade

Just what you need on a warm, beautiful day; there’s nothing more refreshing than a tall glass of lemonade with a tad of strawberries, cucumbers, and of course a hint of Gin! Make it a lucky day this Kentucky Derby with this delicious drink! Get the full recipe here.






Pineapple Juleppineapple-julep

In case the Mint Julep is not for you, the Pineapple Julep is a tasty mixture is packed with fruity flavors with an added splash of Gin and sparkling wine for that perfect Kentucky Derby cocktail. Check out the recipe here!






Spicy Bloody Maryspicy-bloody-mary

If Bloody Mary’s are your thing then you are in for a treat! Spicy has never tasted better in this perfect Bloody Mary concoction. You will instantly fall in love with this drink with just one sip! Try it now with the full recipe.







Kentucky Cousinkentucky-cousin

True to its name, this drink is a close relative of the classic Kentucky Derby Mint Julep Cocktail. With a few more ingredients and a little bit more bourbon than the traditional drink, it is surely a party of flavor that you must try! Get the recipe here.







Hat Trickhat-trick-derby-drink

When you think of the Kentucky Derby it is natural to picture tons of big, flamboyant hats. But instead of waltzing around your Derby party in a giant pink headpiece, why not have a drink instead? So, put your hat down and pick this tasty cocktail up as a homage to the longstanding Kentucky Derby tradition. Get the recipe here.






Cognac Mint Julepcognac-mint-julep

Did you know Mint Julep was originally made with brandy and not bourbon? Crazy, right? Well with a hint of mint, sugar, and 2 amazing ounces of Cognac, this drink is another classic Kentucky Derby Cocktail to enjoy at your Derby party! Learn how to make it here.







So, there you have it, 7 drinks to get your Kentucky Derby party started! And don’t forget to stop by our Sweet Treat and Dessert board on Pinterest for some mouthwatering Derby dessert ideas!