7 Fun April Fools’ Day Snacks You Must Try!

7 Fun April Fools’ Day Snacks You Must Try!

April Fools’ Day is the one day of the year where you get an excuse to be silly and funny for no reason! Since we love to have fun and enjoy putting smiles on your faces, we’ve put together 7 fun April Fools’ Day snacks that are equal parts tasty as they are silly!

  1. “Onion Rings”april-fools-onion-rings

Though the image can fool just about anyone, this delicious snack is definitely not what you think! Instead of battered, deep-fried onions, they are actually made of Twizzlers covered in graham cracker crumbs! Sounds goofy right? Learn how to make them here.




  1. Ice Cream Tacosapril-fools-ice-cream-tacos

This fun treat is a great one to serve to a group of friends or to your kiddos! Just let them know you will be having tacos for a snack after dinner and surprise them with these delicious ice cream “tacos” instead! Get the full list of instructions here.




  1. Hamburger cupcakeshamburger-cupcakes

You read this right; Hamburger cupcakes! They may look like hamburgers, but one bite will let you know that they are far from meaty! These cupcakes are a fun, silly way to play a tasty April Fools joke on your family and friends! Learn how to make these sweet burgers here.




  1. Cookie Friescookie-fries

These tricky fries can be paired with the Hamburger cupcakes for a fun meal prank or it can just be served on its own! While they may look like delicious steak fries, this April Fools’ snack is actually made up of sugar cookies (the white sugar is the “salt”)! These fries will definitely be a crowd pleaser and a fun prank for the kids! Try it out here.




  1. Grilled Cheese Pound Cakegrilled-cheese-pound-cake

Friends and family want to enjoy a nice grilled cheese? How about some pound cake and frosting instead? This sweet treat will surely trick your hungry guests while putting a smile on their face at the same time! Learn how make this April Fools’ Day treat here.





  1. Undrinkable Drinkundrinkable-drink

Another silly April Fools’ Day trick is to offer a refreshing glass of fruit juice and watch their reaction when they realize their drink is actually Jell-O!  It is super funny and super tasty! Get the full instructions for this silly treat here.




  1. Garden Goodiegarden-goodie

Trick your kids into thinking you are about to eat a little bit of worms and dirt with this funny garden pudding dessert. What looks like a flower pot filled with dirt and worms is actually chocolate pudding, crushed graham crackers, and a few gummy worms (but the little one’s don’t need to know that right away!). Try this fun prank here.




Want more silly April Fools’ Day recipes and food prank ideas? Follow our April Fools’ Day board on Pinterest and get ready for some serious laughs!