7 Smoothies to Start Your New Year Off Right

Getting healthy never tasted so good!

2019 is finally here and we all want the same thing… a happy, and HEALTHY year! Which is why we are bringing you seven of our favorite healthy, and delicious, smoothie recipes! These recipes are the motivation that you need to start off your new year resolution!

Strawberry Banana Oatmeal Smoothie

This smoothie recipe is super quick to make. Literally, it only takes about 5 minutes! It's the perfect on-the-go breakfast smoothie for someone who typically rushes out the door in the morning and it is packed with healthy ingredients to give you a great start to your morning. It will not only satisfy your hunger, but it also has some really important vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. And did we mention it is absolutely delicious?

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Kiwi and Spinach Smoothie

Before you skip over this recipe for having "spinach" in the title, the tasty ingredients create the perfect mixture that makes you forget your having something that is healthy, with spinach! All you really taste is the kiwi and a hint of banana. It is the unexpectedly delicious green smoothie that you must try!

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Raspberry Almond Chia Smoothie

This recipe is not only tasty to the point of obsession, (we are seriously obsessed!) it is packed with calcium, proteins, and other super healthy nutrients. Each ingredient has great health benefits like honey and its powerful antioxidants and raspberries and its anti-inflammatory properties. The blend of ingredients in this smoothie is one that will leave you wanting more just without any extra guilt for having a second serving!

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Blueberry Spinach Smoothie

Yes, another smoothie with spinach but, like the others, the taste is covered with fresh fruits like bananas, strawberries, and blueberries. There’s no sugar or added sweeteners besides natural honey (Yum!) and it is packed with antioxidants and nutrients from the fruits, honey, and spinach. And it is also perfect for your little ones! It’s the perfect way to get them to eat a little bit of spinach!

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PB & J Smoothie

You read the title right, this is a PB & J smoothie, just like your favorite childhood sandwich! Before you get all weirded out and skip this recipe, you should know that it is delicious and packed with all of the health benefits of peanut butter and mixed berries like blueberries, cranberries, and strawberries! There is so much goodness in these smoothies that you can enjoy them anytime of day without messing up your “get healthy” new year resolution!

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Island Mango Goji Berry Smoothie

Don't let the long name scare you away. This smoothie is actually easy to make and is completely worth it! Not only is it an antioxidant super smoothie, it will also make you feel like you’re on a tropical vacation! The flavors and colors in this smoothie are so perfect you probably wouldn't realize there were veggies in it (if you didn't just make it!).

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Peachy Oat Smoothie

We love, love, love anything that is peachy and add in that it is equal parts healthy makes it a dream come true! This recipe is another one filled with oats and their delicious health benefits! It is a healthy smoothie that is perfect to start your morning off right!

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There you have it, just a few smoothies to start your “get healthy” new year resolution off the right way!! These smoothies are so tasty you won’t even realize you are working towards a healthier you! And if you want more deliciously healthy recipes, follow us on Pinterest!