Five Innovative Ways to Use Greek Yogurt During the Holidays

Five Innovative Ways to Use Greek Yogurt During the Holidays

Yogurt recently became the Official Snack of New York State, and we are pretty sure Greek Yogurt is the unofficial favorite.

This Mediterranean alternative to the more mainstream cultured treat is a versatile substitution for higher fat content ingredients and can be easily incorporated into your holiday recipes.

Here are the five best ways to incorporate Greek Yogurt into your favorite family traditions. Your guests will love your dishes and won’t even know you made the switch!

Use Greek Yogurt for Side Dishes

Greek Yogurt easily replaces or reduces heavier ingredients that are often-used in side dish recipes, namely sour cream, butter, mayonnaise, oil, and cream cheese. One cup of sour cream, mayonnaise, or cream cheese can be swapped out for a cup of yogurt. You can make healthier twice-baked potatoes, macaroni and cheese, healthy hollandaise sauce for your vegetables, and even mashed potatoes.

Enjoy Healthy Holiday Baking

Greek Yogurt doesn’t mean your baked goods will be any less delicious. Many recipes for festive holiday breads and cakes work with yogurt perfectly. Use our innovative non-stick loaf pan liner to make things even easier.

Are you assigned to holiday treats? You can make chocolate cookies or even truffles with Greek Yogurt.

Make Satisfying Appetizers

Now you can make appetizers that are just as low-fat as they are delicious. Some of our favorite easy cooking ideas include swapping sour cream for yogurt in dips of all varieties.

Warm Up with Soup

You guessed it – you can make soup with Greek Yogurt, too.

Swap heavy cream for yogurt. Use our Spoon Guard to make cooking soup even easier.

Make Breakfast and Brunch

Wake up the right way during the holidays. It’ll only feel like indulging when you infuse whole wheat pancakes with Greek Yogurt and top them with the freshest holiday fruit and nuts.

Smoothies are also effortless with the help of Greek Yogurt.

No matter what goal you have for your kitchen this holiday season, Greek Yogurt can help you achieve it. Let us know which recipes you try and which ones are your favorites!