Fun Creepy Halloween Party Snacks

Fun Creepy Halloween Party Snacks

Halloween is finally here, and we are way too excited to keep ourselves contained! (Really, just about everything we’ve done this month has been about Halloween!) It is one of our favorite times of the year, and we wanted to share some of our favorite Halloween party snacks. And if you aren’t having a Halloween party (sigh) then you can simply enjoy these treats with family, friends, or at home alone while you watch a scary movie marathon!

Harry Potter’s Acid Pops

Why are they called “Harry Potter’s” acid pops? Well, it is simply because these party snacks are absolutely magical! They are very easy to make and will be a hit in any party, whether you are entertaining kids or adults! And they require pop rocks! Who doesn’t love pop rocks right?? Learn how to make these fun snacks here.


Chocolate Halloween Mice

If there was one treat that will make you say “Ew” and “Yum” at the same time then this is definitely it! They are exactly what the name implies, chocolate mice! You can decorate them however you want and use different types of chocolate (maybe you want some white ones, or some made of dark chocolate). They are a very creepy and tasty treat that all of your guests will enjoy. Here is the full recipe and list of directions.


Butterfinger Eyes

Want to eat an eyeball for Halloween? Absolutely! They are completely creepy but 100% tasty! They will definitely be a hit at any Halloween party, just make sure you make enough for everyone to enjoy because they will go pretty quick! Get the full recipe here.


Worm Cupcakes

Eating worms? Completely gross! Eating worm cupcakes? An absolute Halloween must! It’s another easy to make snack that is fun for people of all ages! All you need is crushed up Oreos (or other chocolate cookies) for the dirt and some yummy gummy worms as your toppings. They are a lot of fun to make and a lot of fun to eat. Get the whole recipe here.


Monster Toes

Yes, we said monster TOES! Very creepy, very gross, and very tasty! These are Halloween snacks that will get a few laughs and leave your guests wanting more! They are so easy to make that you can make large batches in no time. And believe us, you’re going to need to make large batches of these delicious party snacks! Learn how to make them here.


Severed Fingers Cookies

We have toes and eyeballs on the list, so why not add in another severed body part to the list right? They look so gross, but you won’t be able to help yourself and try a bite! Just beware, once you have one, you’ll be chomping on fingers for the rest of the night! Try out this cool, creepy recipe here.


We hope you enjoy these creepy treats this Halloween and in case you want a few more recipes to try, check us out on Pinterest for more gross, fun Halloween snacks!