Gift Guide For Bakers

Gift Guide For Bakers

Sometimes buying gifts for the person who has everything is really tough! We’ve gathered up our best baking gifts for the baker in your life. Here are 9 Cooks Innovations products that will make a great addition to any kitchen.

Teflon Bakeware Liner


For the baker who is constantly complaining about their cookies getting stuck to their cookie sheet, and their cinnamon rolls not coming off easily, this liner makes a perfect gift! All your food items will slide right off and give you picture perfect cookies. Get yours today here.

tefon bakeware liner



Licking the spoon is arguably the best thing about making brownies. Unfortunately, our Spoontula helps you get every last bit out of batter from your bowl! No more waste! (Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone if you keep a couple spoonfuls for eating.) Get yours today here.



4 in 1 Safety Opener

Ideal for hard to open cans, jars, bottles, and ring pulls: this safety opener is perfect for anyone who owns a kitchen! This tool combines 4 tools, allowing for more space in a baker’s tool kit. Get yours today here.

safety opener


Non- Stick Flaky Pie Crust Pan

No one remembers a bad pie, but everyone remembers a delicious flaky pie! With our non-stick flaky pie crust pan, the baker in your life will be able to achieve the perfect pie every time. Get yours today here.

flaky pie crust pan


 4” Inch Tart Pans – Set of 4

These tart pans are perfect for quiches, fruit tarts, and giant peanut butter cups! Perfect for the upcoming holidays for multiple different fruit tarts for the crowds but also great for breakfast quiches the morning after! Get yours today here.

tart pan


Powder Duster

Perfect for sprinkling powdered sugar, powdered chocolate or ground cinnamon onto your favorite desserts. This powder duster will take dessert decorating to a whole new level. Get yours today here.

powder duster


Foodie Tongs

Perfect for whipping, mixing, and grabbing various food items in the kitchen, this tool will delight any chef and baker alike. Get yours today here.

foodie tongs


 Non-Stick Oven Liner

Mistakes happen in the kitchen, and sometimes your dishes boil over. With the non-stick oven liner, cleaning up is a breeze and having a clean oven makes a happy baker! No more scraping off caked on food bits at the bottom of the oven. Get yours today here.

oven liner


 Ceramic Grater Set

Perfect for hard to get chocolate shavings, this ceramic grater set is perfect for the baker who loves to decorate their creations! Get yours today here.

ceramic grater


 Shopping for others is never easy! These 9 products will ensure that baking is easier than ever. For more inspiration and additional recipes, check out our Pinterest boards!