Help Me Organize My Kitchen! Our Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

Help Me Organize My Kitchen! Our Top 10 Spring Cleaning Tips

In February, we issued our first Spring Cleaning post of the year, focused on the kitchen pantry and inspired by our urge to summon the snow away from our fans’ doorsteps!

Now, it’s officially spring, and the snow appears to be winding down. With that said, we think it’s time to continue our 2015 Spring Cleaning Series and bring you our most amazing and useful Top 10 Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips to get you in gear!

  1. Keep Your Measuring Spoons on Hand—And Clean

We’re tired of measuring spoon fuss! First, we fish for the set in our silverware drawer, pull them out (with a few crumbs inside), and then they go in the wash for another round. Why not use a mason jar or other kitchen jar to hold your measuring spoon sets? That way, they have their own spot, and they never get lost in the drawer. You can keep a few sets in a bigger jar, so you’re not waiting on one set during a wash.

  1. Tame Skinny Straws, Skewers, and Chopsticks

If you have an extra silverware organizer, or can pick up a cheap one at the store, you’ll find it a great solution to keep straws, skewers, chopsticks, and even plastic ware or twist ties.

  1. Reverse Your Dishwasher Strategy

This is an easy one you can implement today—organize the dirty dishes the same way you’d put them away when clean. It’ll save a lot of time.

  1. Become Your Kitchen’s Admin

Install a white board in your kitchen to keep your family up to date, your grocery and coupon lists in one place, and even keep notes on what food needs to be eaten during the week before it expires. Don’t forget a weekly menu for the kids!

  1. Hook It Up

Utilize adhesive hooks throughout your kitchen for items like towels, aprons, scissors, and oven mitts. Use stronger hooks for heavier items like beaters and serving tools.

  1. Keep First Aid in the Kitchen

Let’s face it—injuries do happen in the kitchen. Keep band aids and wraps in a handy container in the kitchen in case you need them.

  1. Arrange Kitchenware By Use

Place more common kitchen items in easy-to-reach areas. China tea cups, fancy silverware, and holiday items can be stored in the higher and more difficult-to-access areas until needed. Bonus: adjust every quarter based on need.

  1. File Your Plastic Containers and Tupperware

“File” your plastic containers and Tupperware, standing upright, to allow easy access for school and work lunches.

  1. Keep Wooden Kitchen Items Good as New

Wooden spoons can start to look and smell bad. Simply boil the spoons in a pot of water and leave them in the sun to dry. For wooden cutting boards, scrub the board with coarse salt and massage with half a lemon to clean particles and smells. If you’d like to condition the wood, stop by a hardware store, pick up a food-grade mineral oil, and apply once a month.

  1. Make Sponges Last Longer

Grab an upside-down binder clip so your sponge dries faster. With the decrease of moisture, you keep out germs and mold for longer, and save your money and health in the long run.


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