Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

With the holiday season in full swing, time is slowly running out to get the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Luckily, we’ve created the perfect holiday gift guide to help you out!

For the pie enthusiasts in your life:

The Cooks Innovations Non-Stick Flaky Pie Crust Pan is definitely a gift that keeps on giving! Its unique design allows the perfect amount of heat to reach the bottom of the pie to guarantee a flaky crust every time! It also cuts out the need for pre-baking pie crust before adding your filling! And if that’s not enough, it is also perfect for making delicious deep-dish pizza!






For the cake lovers in your life:

We all have that one person in our lives that loves baking cakes. So why not put a smile on their face with our Non-Stick Cake Pan Liner. It doesn’t only eliminate the need to grease or flour a pan, it is also easy to clean, reusable for years, and you have the perfect release every time! With this baking gadget there is no need to worry about your being ruined by sticking to the pan! Is that a dream come true or what?






For the organizers in your life:

Why not give the gift of organization this holiday season with the Cooks Innovations Fridge Monkey. Anyone who gets the Fridge Monkey, including those who appreciate all that is neat and tidy, will love how much space is being saved in their fridge! It maximizes storage space by allowing you to stack bottles and cans on without them rolling around!






 For the toaster oven lovers in your life:

Toaster ovens can easily be placed on the list of most amazing kitchen tools ever! And for those friends that love using their toaster ovens, make their holidays great with our Toaster Oven Liner. The neat gadget is designed to fit on the bottom of your toaster oven to catch any drips and spills. As a bonus, it is super affordable and 100% non-stick!






For the Mr. or Mrs. Independent in your life:

Nothing is worse than putting all of your strength into opening a jar and yielding no results! And doesn’t it make it worse when you have to find someone to ask to open it? With our 4-in-1 Safety Opener that’s no longer a problem! This cool tool opens jars, cans, bottles, and tabs making life so much easier in the kitchen. It is, hands down, the perfect gift for anyone and everyone!





For the butter lover in your life:

This holiday gift guide wouldn’t be complete without including our Butter Mill! Want to give something that is innovative, useful, and downright cool? The Butter Mill is definitely the way to go. It is easy to use for people of all ages and quickly turns cold, hard butter into smooth ribbons of creamy goodness! It is a butter lover’s dream come true!






For the messy cooks in your life:

You know who we’re talking about; the one’s that just can’t keep anything in the pot! But sometimes it is necessary to be messy so we’ve found the perfect solution: the Cooks Innovations Non-Stick Gas Range Protectors. These gas range protectors are 100% non-stick so clean up is a breeze and leaves your stove looking brand new even after huge spills and boiled over messes. This is a gas stove must have!





For the old fashioned “do-it-by-hand” chefs in your life:

I know them, you know them, we all know them; the few people who refuse to use electronic cooking tools because “back in their day, they didn’t have fancy tools to help them prepare food.” We have the perfect gift for them: our Zip Whisk. While it isn’t an electronic mixer, the Zip Whisk has a unique design that is easy to use and will have you whisking like a pro!






Our gift guide doesn’t end there! Visit our website for more fabulous gift ideas for the special people in your life. We have something for everyone and anyone!