How to Toast the Perfect Marshmallow

How to Toast the Perfect Marshmallow

Summer is almost over—but we’re still celebrating with National Marshmallow Toasting Day!

Do you know how to toast the perfect marshmallow? Take these tips and invite your friends and family for a Marshmallow Toasting party tonight!

Sit upwind in the fire. No one wants smoke in their face!

Once you get your puffy, delicious marshmallow on your stick of choice (preferably a roasting fork or long wooden stick), make sure you stay a little to the side of the flames, and also over an area where you see glowing coals. According to scientists and engineers, the radiant energy is better for toasting than the flames themselves.

Hold the marshmallow a couple of inches (usually 1-3) from the glowing coals.

Hold your marshmallow still for a few seconds, then begin to rotate the stick. As you turn, a nice, even, golden hue should begin to form. Don’t hold your marshmallow in any one place for too long! This will cause your mallow to melt.

Once you have a slightly golden brown marshmallow, like the one pictured, blow to cool – then eat alone or as a S’more!


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