Kitchen Gadgets for Your Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving is almost here and while we are all anticipating the delicious food, fun memories, and great laughs, we can all agree that there is also a level of stress that we experience when preparing and cooking the Thanksgiving feast! Luckily, we have some kitchen gadgets to help you prepare for your turkey day extravaganza. (Don't worry, you can thank us later 😉)


glide mats cooks innovationsGlide Mats™

If you've ever had the unfortunate experience of having to heft your heavy kitchen appliances around the counter for an optimal position, then you know that it can be exhausting! Our new Glide Mats are the perfect solution that eliminates the heavy lifting by letting you slide your appliances along your countertop with ease. This is a must have for any kitchen, especially when preparing for a big feast.

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fridge monkey cooks innovationsFridge Monkey

When prepping for a party the one thing we always worry about is space! How am I going to fit everything in the fridge? Where will all of these drinks go? How will I fit these pans in here? Don't panic! The Fridge Monkey is the perfect tool to help free up space in your refrigerator so that you can have more space for food!

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safety opener cooks innovations4-in-1 Safety Opener

It's about to get really busy in your kitchen and there is probably going to be a ton of cans, bottles, jars, and tabs to open and the last thing you need is to worry about is how long it's going to take you to open them all! Our 4-in-1 Safety Opener is the multi tool that you wished you had sooner! It opens cans, bottles, jars, and tabs easily without the worry of sharp edges.

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grater plate cooks innovationsCeramic Grater Plate Set

Garlic, cheese, onions, carrots, nuts, you name it, there's probably a chance that you'll be chopping, grating, or pureeing it, which can take precious time that can go towards other important tasks! With the Ceramic Grater Plate, you can puree and grate ingredients quickly and easily with just the stroke of your hand.

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copper oven liner cooks innovationsNon-Stick Copper Oven Liner

When your cooking for your Thanksgiving party, the last thing you want to even think about is the mess that's going to be left afterwards! Just the thought is cringe worthy! But with the Non-Stick Copper Oven Liner, you can save yourself the back pain of scrubbing your oven because it keeps the floor of your oven free from messy drips.

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See? There's no need to panic! With just a few gadgets you can optimize your time in the kitchen and make sure you have the best Thanksgiving party that you can!

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