Memorial Day Picnic and Barbecue Hacks!

Memorial Day weekend is one to celebrate and honor our heroes. What better way to celebrate in May than with a beautiful picnic or barbecue? The only thing that would be better than enjoying great weather and great food is doing so with a few hacks! Luckily, we have some recipe hacks and tips to ensure you have the perfect picnic or barbecue this Memorial Day weekend!

Marinating the Meatmarinating-meat

Marinate the meat the night before your planned barbecue! This tip is pretty simple, but it is going to save you tons of time the day of your event and the meat is going to be tastier and a lot more tender! All you need to do is season the meat, place them in zipper lock bags and pop them in the refrigerator. Then, the next morning just transfer them from your fridge to your cooler and you are on your way!

Frozen Water Bottles as Ice

Ditch the ice and freeze a few water bottles to keep things cool in your cooler. The frozen bottles last longer than ice, you don’t have to worry about draining your cooler, and once they are defrosted you can enjoy an ice cold, refreshing drink!

No More Bugs

Don’t want bugs in your drink? Use a cupcake tin to cover your cup and simply pop a hole through the tin with a straw. You will instantly have a cover for your drink that is disposable and keeps the bugs out!

foodie-tongs-flip-burgersJuicy Burgers

For an extra juicy burger (yum!) add a small ice cube to your burger. Simply press the piece of ice into the center of the uncooked patty and place it on the grill. This will ensure your burgers are nice and juicy once they are done. And for an even smoother BBQ experience, use the Cooks Innovations 6-in-1 Foodie Tongs! They are perfect for flipping, serving, whisking, and mixing! Check it out here.



Herbs in Your Charcoal

Yes, you read it right! Add a little bit of flavor to your grilled foods by adding some herbs like basil, fennel, sage, or rosemary to your burning coals. Doing this gives your food some extra flavoring so there is minimal need for seasoning!

Oil the Grill

We can all agree that one of the worst parts of a barbecue is scrubbing all of the left-over gunk off of the grill! To avoid this, rub some oil on your grill to keep food from sticking to the grill. This trick doesn’t only make for an easy clean up once you are done grilling, it also helps the food cook! And if you’re not a fan of oil, our Oven Crisper Basket is a reusable, heat resistant tool that can be used to grill your food to perfection (no foil or oil needed)! Get yours here!

Chip Bag Bowlschip-bag-bowls-youtube

Have a variety of chips but really don’t want to bring a bunch of chip bowls to your picnic or barbecue? There’s an easy fix for that! Open your bag of chips and roll up the bottom of the bag so that you instantly have a bowl!



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