Mother’s Day 5 Course Meal

Mother’s Day 5 Course Meal

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all the wonderful mothers in the world. A day to spoil your mom and show her just how much you appreciate her and everything she's done for you! More than anything, mom's love something that is memorable for them, something that shows her you put a lot of love and thought into it. So why not show your mom just how much you love her by preparing a full, 5-course meal!


Try this delicious 5-course brunch menu:


Fizzy Berry Cocktailfizzy-berry-cocktail-mothers-day

Since Mother’s Day is a day of celebration, why not start it off with a refreshing and festive cocktail? This Fizzy Berry Pick-me-up is a delicious drink to let mom sip on while you start off your brunch extravaganza! It is sweet and refreshing and everything Mom needs to start her day off! Get the full recipe for this cocktail here.





Little Green Saladlittle-green-salad-mothers-day

What goes great with a refreshing brunch cocktail? And equally refreshing salad. This little green salad is the perfect pairing for Moms berry cocktail. It is a combination of fresh arugula, lemon vinaigrette, Parmesan, and toasted nuts. Of course, if you wanted to add more to the salad you could but sometimes keeping the flavors simple works just as well. Make a little green salad for your mom with the recipe here.





Blueberry Pancakesblueberry-pancakes-mothers-day

A brunch wouldn’t be a brunch without a little breakfast, right? Well, these blueberry pancakes aren’t just your regular pancakes. The sour cream, lemon zest, and blueberries mix together to make perfectly fluffy stacks of heaven! Mom will definitely fall in love with these pancakes! But don’t give her too many because there’s more on the menu! Get the pancake recipe here.




Deep-Dish Bacon and Leek Quichedeep-dish-bacon-leek-quiche-mothers-day

Sounds a little fancy but this recipe is easier to make then you think! And with a name like Deep-Dish Bacon and Leek Quiche, you will surely impress your mom with your amazing cooking skills! And who doesn’t love cheesy eggs and bacon on a buttery crust? Impress Mom with the full recipe here.


Quick tip: Make your morning a little easier by using the Cooks Innovations 9" Tart Pan to make your Deep Dish Quiche. It's 100% Non-Stick so there's no need for oil or flour and it allows for even heat distribution so the heat goes into the food and not the bakeware! Get yours here!


Cinnamon Rollscinnamon-rolls-mothers-day

Of course, we must close out this perfect Mother’s Day brunch with a delicious dessert! Cinnamon rolls are always fun to make and even better to enjoy. While Mom might be a little full from her previous meals, there is no way she’ll turn down these sweet treats! Get the full recipe here.




Try out this 5-course meal and make this Mother’s Day one your mom will never forget! And if you want even more Mother’s Day recipes, follow our We Love Mom board on Pinterest!