National Dessert Day: Best Baking Gadgets

National Dessert Day: Best Baking Gadgets

It is finally here; National Dessert Day! When tasty treats and baked goods are appreciated all day. Since we are major fans of this national food holiday, we want to celebrate it with a few of our best baking gadgets that will make your baking experiences the best that they can be!


The Non-Stick Flaky Pie Crust Pan

With its specially designed perforations, our Flaky Pie Crust Pan allows just the right amount of heat to reach the bottom of the pie to ensure a flaky pie crust – every time! No more pre-baking pie crust before adding pie filling and no more soggy pie crust bottom!






Non-Stick Cake Pan Liner

This Non-Stick Cake Pan Liner is 100% non-stick so you don’t have to grease or flour the pan! It fits in a 9″ round pan and a 9″ spring form pan.  All you have to do is slip the pan liner snugly into your cake pan and fill with batter. It’s that easy!






Zip Whisk

Using the Cooks Innovations Zip Whisk will have you feeling like a whisking master! All you have to do is push and mix. Pushing the handle down in a continuous motion rotates the whisk. It is perfect for creating fluffy omelets, milk shakes, smoothies, whipped cream and more!






Powder Shaker

For dessert lovers and bakers everywhere, our Powder Shaker is perfect for sprinkling powdered sugar, powdered chocolate or ground cinnamon onto your favorite desserts. Garnishing your desserts has never been easier!







9” Tart Pan

The 9” Tart Pan is three times lighter than metal, holds its shape, unbreakable, scratch & rust proof! It’s also 100% non-stick so there’s no need for oil, butter, or flour! And as a bonus heat is distributed evenly and it is energy efficient so heat goes into the batter, dough, or food not the bakeware.






4” Tart Pans

Just like the 9” pan, these mini 4” Tart Pans are constructed of lightweight, unbreakable non-metal material, so they will last a lifetime! It is also 3 times lighter than metal, holds it shape and is scratch and rust proof. And don’t forget it is 100% non-stick!







The Butter Mill

Our Butter Mill is any dessert enthusiasts dream! This innovative gadget allows you to grate your cold sticks of butter into easy, spreadable butter! And to make things even better for you, it comes with top, making it easy to store and ready for the next use!






Non-Stick Liner Roll

Who needs parchment paper, oil, or butter when you have the Non-Stick Liner Roll! It’s 100% non-stick and reusable (it can literally be used 1,000 times on each side!). It’s easy to clean and easy to use; baking has never been so easy!






There you have it, 8 of the best Cooks Innovations baking gadgets that can help make your baking experiences easy and enjoyable. But that’s not all we have to offer! Visit us at for more kitchen gadgets to help make every day National Dessert Day!