No-Cook Labor Day Recipes

No-Cook Labor Day Recipes

Sadly, Labor Day marks the end of Summer but also leads us to the beautiful Fall season. But before getting into pumpkin season, lets end this summer with a bang! In celebration of Labor Day, here are a few no-cook recipes that are easy to make and will keep your kitchen clean and cool.

Layered Picnic Loaves

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich on a beautiful day? This particular sandwich is stacked with delicious deli meats including roast beef, salami, and sliced chicken; Topped off with mozzarella cheese, Italian seasoning, onions, tomatoes, and more all stacked on top of a fluffy Italian loaf! (wipes drool) It truly is a mouthwatering recipe that will leave you reaching for seconds! Check out the full recipe here.



Cucumber Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

This recipe is super easy to recreate and is an absolute party stopper! They are bite-sized, finger foods filled with a refreshing mixture of chopped cucumbers, green onions, fresh dill, cream cheese, and a little bit of mayo! Get the full recipe here and be prepared to double the recipe because these will surely go fast!



Two Minute Salsa

Chips and dip are an easy, tasty go-to snack for any celebration. This salsa recipe is not only super quick to make (hence the name), it is also packed with delicious spices and fresh ingredients that come together to create an incredibly tasty dip. Try out the full recipe here!



Red, White, and Blue Cheesecake Parfait

Anything that includes ‘cheesecake’ in the title is a must-have on any celebration list and this recipe is no exception! These parfaits are so easy to make and are filled with delicious fruit and cheesecake filling! It will surely satisfy your sweet tooth while showing off your patriotic side! Get the full list of instructions here.



S’mores No-Bake Cookies

So, we may have a little bit of a sweet tooth today, but it’s the last Summer celebration so why not! The recipe requires all of the necessary S’mores ingredients but requires no heat or fire to make them! Instead, you’re just mixing your ingredients together, scooping them onto a pan, and chilling until they are ready to eat! Sounds easy right? It is! Get the full list of instructions and ingredients here.



And there you have it, just a few delicious, no-cook recipes for your Labor Day celebration! If you think these recipes are impressive, check us out on Pinterest for even more mouthwatering recipes, cooking tips, and cook kitchen gadgets!