Perfect Picnic Hacks!

Perfect Picnic Hacks!

Springtime is here, and we are ready to take full advantage of the season with some fun picnics! But this year, we’re enlisting the help of a few hacks to ensure our picnics are the best that they can be! Let the hacking begin!

  1. Use Frozen Water Bottles as Coolers: Instead of filling your cooler with ice, freeze some water bottles to keep your drinks cool and once they are melted you have nice, cold water to drink!

  2. Use Foil on the Grill: Using foil on the grill allows you to cooks-innovations-grilling-hackprevent messes, helps you marinate food quickly and easily, and makes the after-picnic clean-up as easy as pie!

  3. Keep it Clean with Mason Jars: Store salads, beans, coleslaw, desserts, and other meals in mason jars and make clean up a breeze!

  4. Keep Bugs Out of Your Drink: Don’t let bugs ruin your picnic! Place a cupcake liner over your drink and poke your straw through it for a simple, bug-free drink! (and as a bonus, liners are typically pretty cheap!).

  5. Keep Your Tablecloth in Place: Don’t let your tablecloth blow away! Use a fitted, twin-size bedsheet for a perfectly fitting table cover.

  6. Don’t Spill Your Drinks: Don’t worry about your drinks spilling on your picnic blanket. Use a muffin tin to hold your drink upright. Not cooks-innovations-drink-hackonly does it keep your drinks up, it also holds multiple drinks at once!

  7. Keep Your Blanket Dry: In case the grass is a little moist on your picnic day, place a shower curtain, or large garbage bags, under your picnic blanket to prevent any moisture from seeping through!

  8. Make Clean-Up as Easy as Possible: The picnic was great, but now it’s time to clean up and head home! Make your cleaning experience a simple one by bringing wet wipes (or baby wipes) along! They are great for sticky fingers, messy tables, and dirty cutlery!

Enjoyed these picnic hacks? Check out our Summer Tips and Tricks board on Pinterest for even more fun, easy, and convenient tips and tricks to use for your next picnic!