Planning & Preparing A Real Thanksgiving Dinner

Planning & Preparing A Real Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner isn’t your normal, everyday dinner! On Thanksgiving, we wake up early to start cooking a feast for the whole family to enjoy, so why not make your cooking experience a little bit easier with some of our kitchen gadgets? Here are 8 gadgets that will help you make the perfect dinner!


Gadget #1: Butter Mill


This innovative gadget allows you to grate cold blocks of butter into soft, spreadable butter! And with the Cooks Innovations Butter Mill you can get creative and mix up a tasty garlic infused butter or a sweet honey butter to go with your Thanksgiving dinner rolls!





Gadget #2: Multi-Grater

Whether you’re grating nuts, cheese, or chocolate, grating can become a hassle but with our Multi-Grater you can grate just about anything fast and with very little effort. All you have to do is fill the grinder and twist! It’s just that easy!




Gadget #3: Folding Cutting Board

Lots of cooking means lots of chopping, dicing, and slicing! The Cooks Innovations Folding Cutting Board is a simple tool that lies flat while you’re cutting and turns into a convenient chute with a squeeze of the handle.


Gadget #4: Non-Stick Gas Range Protectors

You just had to cook the entire Thanksgiving dinner, the last thing you want is to spend even more time cleaning! The Non-Stick Gas Range Protectors keep your gas stove top spotless by catching all the mess; the non-stick surface makes for a quick, easy clean leaving more time for your Thanksgiving guests!




Gadget #5: Non-Stick Oven Liner

The Non-stick Oven Liner is another amazing gadget that will cut down your cleaning time. It catches any drips and spills that happen in your oven and is 100% non-stick so cleaning it is a breeze!


Gadget #6: Flakey Pie Crust Pan

On Thanksgiving, dessert is an important part of your feast so why not make it perfect with our Non-Stick Flaky Pie Crust Pan. No more soggy pie crusts and no more pre-baking pie crust! Your pies will have irresistibly delicious flaky pie crusts every time!


Gadget #7: Simmermat Heat Diffuser

The Cooks Innovations Simmermat allows you to cook at the lowest setting possible for long, slow simmering without sticking, scorching, or burning. It’s the perfect tool for your Thanksgiving casseroles, soups, and sauces!



Gadget #8: Non-Stick Cake Pan Liner

As mentioned before, no one wants to get stuck cleaning on Thanksgiving. The Cooks Innovations Non-Stick Cake Pan Liner is 100% non-stick so there’s no need for grease or flour making your baking experience a quick and easy one!



Let us help you make your Thanksgiving dinner the best that it can be with some of our innovative kitchen gadgets! And don’t forget to visit us on Pinterest for other useful cooking tips.