The Butter Mill

The Butter Mill

Whether you’re a chef, a baker, or just someone who enjoys food, you know butter is a very common ingredient in a lot different dishes.

Its creamy flavor is the perfect additive to anything from a slice of toast to a mouthwatering sirloin steak! But there is always the issue of its consistency! Of course storing it in the fridge is a must but then it becomes cold and solid and hard to spread!

Luckily the Cooks Innovations Butter Mill is the ultimate solution! Our Butter Mill is the perfect kitchen tool that allows you to grate your cold butter into a delicious, soft spread. There’s no need to remove the butter after each use, just pop the top on and place it in the fridge! It’s just that easy.

The instructions are simple; place the stick of butter inside of the Butter Mill, place the top back on it, and give it a twist. Instantly you are ready to spread smooth ribbons of butter onto your food.

I’m sure you’re thinking “Why is the Butter Mill so much better than a tub of butter?” We’ll tell you why!

First, a tub of butter is a crumb magnet! Let’s say you’re cooking and have to use multiple spoons or servings of butter; surely you don’t want to clean the spoon every time you take a scoop. With the Butter Mill your butter stays crumb free!

Second, the Butter Mill is an easy tool for creating unique buttery blends like sweet honey butter or a tasty garlic butter. Just add the ingredients in with the stick, twist, and enjoy! Trying to create those blends with a tub of butter is just not as easy as using the Butter Mill.

Third, even spreadable butter in a tub can get too cold and must sit on the counter to soften up a bit before using it. With the Butter Mill, you will never have that problem. Every use gives you smooth, spreadable butter!

And finally, our Butter Mill may look small but it can hold 4 ounces of your favorite butter! That’s one stick of American butter, or half a pack of European butter!

It is a must have, easy-to-use, ingenious tool for every kitchen! And as a bonus, it’s the perfect gift size, not too big and not too small. We even offer it in a stainless steel design for a stylish addition to any kitchen. The Butter Mill is just one of those things that will make your life as a butter lover so much easier! You can order yours online today!