The Original Glide Mat™ Story: From Creator Michelle Morrison

The Original Glide Mat™ Story: From Creator Michelle Morrison

Whether you are a mom who is constantly cooking for her family, a child who loves to cook with their parents, or even an older lady or gentleman who loves to cook, you can all agree that the most daunting task in the kitchen is moving your countertop appliances around. Kitchen appliances can be heavy and hard to move, which can make moving them around an exhausting task.

With that problem in mind, innovator Michelle Morrison came up with the perfect idea that can solve this issue for people of all ages, the Original Glide Mat™. We all like hearing how inventions were born, so here’s Michelle’s story:

Who is Michelle Morrison?

Ohio native, Michelle Morrison started her journey as an Independent product developer in 2014. Growing up around a family of talented inventors, Michelle strongly believed it was important to just “go with your gut” when you it came to creating products and coming up with new ideas.

But as a self-taught inventor, Michelle was unsure of how to get her products out to the world. After seeing products on the market that were similar to designs that she crafted up but didn’t get patented, Michelle decided to resign from her role as an optical technician and follow her dreams of creating innovative products. With her family as her support system, she began to work hard on her dreams.

glide matsHow Was the Original Glide Mat™ Created?

As a kitchen veteran who loves to bake, Michelle realized that one of her favorite tools, the Kitchen Aide, was a pretty heavy appliance, weighing in at almost 30 pounds. Every time she needed to use her heavy mixer, she had to move it from its position from further back on the counter, but with a shoulder injury, this task became harder than normal.

Because of this, she decided to come up with something that can help her and make moving her mixer easier. Once she found the right material, she noticed her invention worked well and then realized it could probably work just as well for her other appliances like her coffee maker, Vitamix, and air fryer. Thus, the Original Glide Mat was born!

After solving her own problem in the kitchen, Michelle realized the Glide Mats were another type of product that needed to be brought out to the world. So, she took her next steps and sent out the product to companies that she had previously worked with to see if anyone was interested in her new invention.

Michelle knew the Original Glide Mat™ was a great gadget, so she would sketch out her idea and pitch it to companies. She quickly realized that the Original Glide Mat was going to help a lot of people.

“Most of us have our beloved appliances but sit in the back. But to put to work, it’s torture to move it. Lots of cooking shows right now, kids are cooking. Just trying to stay relevant in the kitchen and move things without having to ask someone is frustrating, especially people with injuries or disabilities, the Original Glide Mat™ will add value to everyone’s life.” – Michelle Morrison

The uses for these mats are endless!

How Is the Original Glide Mat™ Benefiting Other People’s Lives?

Everyone works around the kitchen, even kids! The Original Glide Mat™ will ease the torture to move appliances to a convenient area and give access to appliances to everyone including children, older people who still love to work in the kitchen, and even those who may have injuries or disabilities that limit their capability to move heavy items. With an endless amount of uses, Michelle believes they will add value to everyone in the kitchen.

How Did Michelle Connect with Cooks Innovations?

Cooks Innovations was not a new company for Michelle Morrison. In the past, she has pitched a few product ideas and Cooks Innovations became open to looking into her latest pitch with the Original Glide Mat™. After checking them out, Cooks Innovations was really interested in her product and even with other companies showing interest in her mats, she knew that Cooks Innovations was the best fit for her.

glide mats kitchen appliances

Just in time for the holidays, you can now find the Original Glide Mat™ on the Cooks Innovations website. Giving you the capability to easily move around your bulky kitchen appliances, the Original Glide Mat is the perfect edition to everyone’s kitchen.