Top 3 Cooks Innovations Accessories for Your Instant Pot

Top 3 Cooks Innovations Accessories for Your Instant Pot

At last, the holidays are among us; there's no other way to escape it. This is the season where your Instant Pot goes into full overdrive. It's time to gear for the holiday season and start planning the many delicious dishes you'll create with your beloved Instant Pot. So, you might want to consider investing in some accessories for your Instant Pot that will make your cooking easier, faster, and of course, even more perfect. 

The Original Glide Mats

Instant Pots are a life saver in the kitchen, especially during the holidays but they can ted to be a bit heavy. Luckily, the Original Glide Mat™ is the perfect tool from Cooks Innovations that allows you to easily maneuver your Instant Pot along your counter tops. They also prevent scratching and scuffing your countertops and tables! Get yours here.

The Spoontula

The Spoontula is the spoon/spatula combination that you didn’t know you needed! Made with food-safe, heat resistant silicone, it is the perfect tool to use with your Instant Pot to make sure no food goes to waste! And it is easy to clean with a strong Nylon core making it the multi-tool you can use for almost every meal. Check it out here.

The Zip Whisk

If you plan on making any soups or sauces this holiday season, then the Zip Whisk is another tool to pair with your Instant Pot. It is fast and easy to use and with just a push of the handle you are whisking like a pro! Using an electronic whisk may not be ideal for in Instant Pot because you wouldn’t want to scratch the inside of it, but with the Zip Whisk, you can still get great results without the worry of harming your Instant Pot (since you’ll probably be using it a lot). Take a look at the Zip Whisk here and order yours today.

Be Ready for the Holidays

You already know your Instant Pot will be turned on every day of the holiday season. To make your life easier, get these Cook Innovations accessories to pair with your Instant Pot for a simple, fun kitchen experience.

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