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Cooks Innovations

Cooks Innovations Non-Stick Oven Protector Liner - Professional Grade - Heavy Duty Gray - BPA & PFOA Free Heat Resistant Baking Mat

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Protect your oven: The oven liner helps protect your oven from spills and baked-on messes, potentially extending the life of your appliance. Made with professional-grade materials, the oven liner is durable and designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring long-lasting use.

Safe for food: The non-stick surface is made without harmful chemicals or materials, ensuring that your food stays safe and healthy. Also, this oven liner can reduce cooking time by improving heat circulation in your oven, resulting in faster cooking times and better results.

Easy clean-up: The non-stick surface of the oven liner makes it easier to clean up spills and drips from your oven, saving you time and effort in cleaning.

Reduce energy consumption: The oven liner can be used in both gas and electric ovens and can be trimmed to fit any size of the oven. By keeping your oven clean and free from spills, you can improve its energy efficiency and reduce your energy costs.

Save money: The oven liner can save you money by reducing the need for costly oven cleaning services or the use of expensive cleaning products.

The Non-Stick Oven Liner is a professional-grade kitchen accessory that is designed to keep your oven clean and free from spills and stains. This heavy-duty oven liner is made of high-quality materials. The liner is easy to install and fits most standard ovens. With this Non-Stick Oven Liner, you'll have a clean and functional oven every time you bake or cook.

• 100% non-stick.
• Reusable for years
• Fits a 30” oven.
• Can be cut to size.
• Dishwasher safe.
• Size 23” x 16.5”

- Reusable for years on both sides.
- One-wipe clean and dishwasher safe.
- Fits all standard 30"" ovens. Can be cut to size.
- Oven Liner is 100% non-stick so nothing sticks to it.
- Place in your oven to catch all spills and drips, no more scrubbing your oven floor.