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Cooks Innovations

Cooks Innovations Stacking Mat Organizer Ripple - 2 Pack

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Color — Blue

Modular Bottle Stacking Mat

  • MODULAR – Each pack includes 2 mats and 2 clips. Use one in smaller spaces or link them together to store more. The mats link infinitely lengthwise, so purchase multiple packs to create a custom length to fit your individual fridge or cabinet space!
  • ORGANIZE – The grooved mat enables pyramidal, horizontal stacking of bottles, cans, jars.
  • MAXIMIZE STORAGE - Each set of mats secures up to 10 cans, or 5 wine bottles, or any combination. It doesn’t take up as much space on your refrigerator shelves as packs or dispensers.
  • MULTIUSE – The mats secure bottles, cans, and sealed jars. Also fits in coolers and mini fridges!
  • PORTABLE – Lightweight, recyclable ABS mat folds away for easy storage when not in use.
  • Dimensions of the Ripple with both mats joined: 12.2" x 4.3" x .5” (310 x 110 x 12 mm)

If you’ve ever reached into the fridge for a can or bottle and knocked over other items in the process, or felt that there must be a better way to use the shelf space in your fridge, here is the simple refrigerator shelf storage and fridge organizer solution.

Cooks Innovations Ripple is a flexible, lightweight, mat, engineered with 8 ridges(assembled) spaced evenly to hold 4 12-oz bottles or cans on the bottom layer of your stack, and up to 10 full stacked. Or it can hold 3 standard sized wine bottles on the bottom of your stack, and up to 6 fully stacked, or any combination of sealed bottles, cans and jars.

The Ripple helps to keep your refrigerator shelves tidy. No more bottle and cans getting knocked over and rolling around.

This versatile storage solution is flexible, simple and so sensible.

The Ripple is offered in 4 color choices:
- Blue
- White
- Grey
- Coral