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Cooks Innovations Perfect Results Toaster Oven Crisper & Liner Set - Perforated Non-Stick Mats for Baking, Cooking, Oven Rack - (Size 9" x 11")

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Color — Copper
  • 100% NON-STICK: The Cooks Innovations crisper sheet and liner set will ensure that all your food is deliciously crispy. Although the crisper rack creates ideal air circulation to provide the crispiest dishes. Our 100% non-stick PTFE toaster oven tray lining keeps the bottom of your oven clean.
  • AVOID FOOD FALLING THROUGH THE RACK: Nothing is more frustrating than having food spill out of the rack and require extra cleanup. To ensure delicious, crispy food while preventing small or delicate dishes from falling through the toaster oven rack, use this crisping sheet with a liner.
  • EVERY TIME GET DELICIOUS FOOD: The nonstick crisper and oven liners allow for ideal heat circulation around the food, preventing soggy, uneven cooking and ensuring CRISP food every time while guarding the bottom of the oven by collecting any greasy spills or messy drips.
  • FOOD DRIPS CATCHER: Our oven guard protects your oven from spills, drops, and drips from pizza, oven fries, pastries, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, turnovers, etc. before they burn and stick. Eliminate a tedious chore with our crisper tray and liner set.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Say goodbye to splatters and burned-on messes! The toaster oven liner and crisper are easy to clean and reusable on both sides. Avoid scrubbing and wiping hard-to-reach areas with our removable oven liner and crisper tray. They are also dishwasher safe, BPA and PFOA free.

Non-stick 9" x 11" toaster oven crisper allows perfect heat circulation around food, preventing soggy, uneven cooking. Perfect to keep small or delicate foods from falling through the toaster oven rack. Ensures crisp food every time! The non-stick toaster oven liner catches all the drips so cleaning the bottom of the toaster oven is a breeze! Both are easy to clean and reusable on both sides.


Use the included grill mat to place at the bottom of your pans as another way to catch all food drippings. It can also be used to cook food on top.