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Cooks Innovations

Cooks Innovations Stacking Mat Organizer Ripple - Refrigerator Organizer, Ideal Beer & Soda Can Organizer or Wine Rack - Size (12.2" X 4.3" X .5” (310 X 110 X 12 Mm) - 2 Pack

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Color — Coral

The stacking mat organizer ripple is a storage solution designed to organize and store various types of bottles, such as water bottles, cold drinks, wine bottles, etc. This storage unit features an elegant ripple design that enhances its aesthetic appeal and makes it great.

The Stacking Mat Organizer Ripple is made of durable plastic material and features2 mats and 2 clips with ample storage space. Additionally, the trays are spacious and secure for up to 10 cans, 5 wine bottles, or any combination.

The mats make the perfect water bottle holder, soda organizer, beer bottle storage rack, and wine holder. They are also a great tumbler organizer for securing your sealed jars! The mats can also be used in coolers as mini fridge organizers and pantry organizers as pantry mats.

When not in use, the mats are lightweight, made of high-quality ABS, and can be folded away easily for easy storage. The Cooks Innovations Ripple refrigerator organizers and storage mats are a versatile and simple solution to your storage needs. This versatile storage solution is flexible, simple and so sensible. The Ripple is offered in 4 color choices: - Blue - White - Grey - Coral Dimensions of the Ripple with both mats joined: 12.2" x 4.3" x .5” (310 x 110 x 12 mm.


- Blue
- White
- Grey
- Coral

SKU Blue Color: M030001
SKU Coral Color: M030004

SKU Grey Color: M030003
SKU White Color: M030002