Warm, Flaky Crust with the Flaky Pie Crust Pan!

Warm, Flaky Crust with the Flaky Pie Crust Pan!

Our next 2015 Holiday Guest Posts comes from Grace in Oviedo, Florida. Grace is mom to an active three-year-old boy and loves to cook and bake. We asked her to try the Cooks Innovations Flaky Pie Crust Pan to see if she found it useful and would use the pan for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Enjoy the review! – Jessica, Cooks Innovations

Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner, and pies are no stranger to the season. Whether you bake pumpkin, apple, cherry or peach, all your pies need a crispy, golden, delicious crust to make your pie mouth-watering! I love to cook for my son, sister, and friends, so in my many experiences with baking, what makes this pan different is the specially designed perforations that allow the right amount of heat to reach the pie bottom EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. This creates a seamless amount of flakiness and eliminates the troubling step of pre-baking the crust. One less step, count me in! Not only is your pie going to have the perfect crust, but the pan is also non-stick and dishwasher safe – easy to clean up from all angles.

Who’s the average user?

Any person who wants to bake, whether it be for fun, holidays or a special occasion, is able to use this product; it’s as easy as pie! There are no special directions, simply bake your pie like usual and you will see results. You are not limited to just pies either – go ahead and try a deep-dish pizza. No need to worry about a soggy crust, the pan will take care of that.


Overall, the product lived up to its standards. When I tried it out for myself, and I am not a usual pie baker, the crust was golden and decadent. The only thing I would change for next time was using less filling so my pieces were easier to cut, but that was just an amateur mistake for a newbie like myself. I will definitely be using this product again, especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner. I may even try a pizza one day!

Flaky Pie Crust Pan

I definitely recommend picking one of these up with the holidays so near and also for someone who enjoys baking. You will be the talk of the table for the holidays if you use the Flaky Pie Crust Pan, that’s for sure.

    Lattice Pie

Until next time, thanks for the product, Cooks Innovations, and everyone else for taking the time to listen and consider my review!