Holiday Guest Post: Spreadable Butter – No Longer a Dream with the Butter Mill!

Holiday Guest Post: Spreadable Butter – No Longer a Dream with the Butter Mill!

The holidays are here again, and that means it’s time for our 2015 Holiday Guest Posts! Our first guest post of the season comes from MJ in Sanford, Florida. MJ is an avid home cook and party hoster that loves to save time in the kitchen while making delicious Thanksgiving food for her guests. We asked her to try the Butter Mill and see how she liked it. Read what MJ thinks about the Butter Mill as a brand new Thanksgiving tool for her family’s kitchen! Enjoy the review! – Jessica, Cooks Innovations

With the holidays right around the corner, staple foods such as mashed potatoes, homemade macaroni and cheese, fresh bread and rolls, corn on the cob, and all kinds of decadent sweets are a hot commodity. It’s time to cook and bake!

Of course, one of the key ingredients in these kinds of tasty holiday foods happens to be butter. As an avid cook, one of my greatest pet peeves is having to frequently work with cold sticks of butter. I’m sure my fellow chefs reading this can relate!

While sticks of butter or margarine can be melted down to form the right consistency, it would be great to use it straight out of the refrigerator without this extra step. A close friend of mine recommended the Butter Mill by Cooks Innovations. After hearing her positive feedback, I decided to try the product out for myself.

How does it work?

I read the directions on the box and started by placing a stick of my favorite butter in the Cooks Innovations’ Butter Mill. Once the butter is in, you simply twist the Butter Mill at the bottom (see Step 2 above) to grate what once was cold butter, into a flurry of spreadable flakes. It’s really that easy! What I found especially convenient was being able to pop the top back on my Butter Mill and store it in the refrigerator for later use.

Although I can use this product year round, it’ll definitely help me get through the holiday season much more efficiently. When I was hosting parties last year and baking my homemade pies, melting and working with butter was one of the most time consuming and painstaking parts of baking and cooking. Now, with the Butter Mill, I am able to turn cold butter into a soft spread that effortlessly mixes into my recipe ingredients, and I’m confident that this year, my guests will also use it with ease on their bread and rolls at the Thanksgiving table.

I noticed that it’s now also available in the new stylish stainless steel cover. I may pick a couple of these up for holiday gifts this year, especially since they look so nice.

My recommendation? Pick one up! Because whether you want to spread your butter with ease, mix it in with other seasonings without waiting, or are looking for the perfect gift for your fellow culinary lovers, try it for yourself this holiday season and spread the Butter Mill merriment all year long!

-MJ – Sanford, Florida 



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