July is National Grilling Month and with Summer finally in full swing what better way to enjoy the sun than to throw on that apron, grab our Cooks Innovation’s Foodie 6-in-1 tongs, and get the grill burning! And to honor fellow grilling enthusiasts, here are 5 important grilling tips you need to know to ensure your summer grilling yields nothing but delicious food and compliments of success.

Tip #1: Keep it clean!

First and foremost, people want to taste your food, not the charred buildup that is left on your grill! The best way to give your grill a good cleaning is to start off by giving it a good scrub with a wire brush. Once you’re done scrubbing, wipe down the grill with some paper towels or a cloth to ensure there is no gook left to ruin your food.

Tip #2: Add a little Smoke!

Who doesn’t love a little bit of smoky flavor to their steaks or burgers? An easy way to give your food a smoky flavor is to use hardwood logs, chips, or chunks. Whether you are using a charcoal or gas grill, hardwood logs are the best way to add a smoky taste to your foods. And don’t forget, different logs produce different flavors so choose wisely!

Tip #3: Put a little grease on it!

Lightly brush some oil onto the grill grate to prevent your food from sticking. Use a brush or simply use some paper towels to spread the oil of your choice on the grate. Not only will you prevent your food from sticking to the grill, it also makes cleaning the grill easier when you are done! And for those grillers out there who aren’t fans of using oil, try our Deluxe Oven Crisper Sheet instead! In the oven or on the grill, it will work wonders for your food! It has a non-stick surface so no greasing is needed (do not place on direct flame), and it prevents food from falling through the grate!

Tip #4: Keep your hands off!

When grilling, resist the urge to constantly flip and poke at your food. Give the food time to cook. Once the food has seared and developed grill marks turn it over and give the other side the same amount of time to cook. But remember, food continues to cook even after it’s taken off the grill so remove the food right before it is completely cooked. You can check this with a digital thermometer or by checking the firmness and color of the meat.

Tip #5: Give it a break!

Once the food is taken off the grill, give the food a quick rest before you serve. It gives the meats a little more time to finish cooking once it comes off the grill and it gives the food time to cool off so it isn’t scorching hot when served to guests.

There it is, 5 important grilling tips that will make sure your summer grilling experiences create tasty, fun memories that will leave you feeling like a grill master and your guests coming back for more! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the smiles of satisfaction from your guests! Happy National Grilling Month!

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