7 Healthy Snack Ideas You Need to Try!

7 Healthy Snack Ideas You Need to Try!

A common New Year resolution among people is to eat healthy! But sometimes it can be hard to transition into a healthier lifestyle, especially when you start craving snacks throughout the day. Here are a few healthy snack ideas that are both healthy and delicious and will help you fulfill that resolution of eating better in the New Year!

apple-chipsApple Chips

These apple chips are super simple to make and only require three ingredients: apples, sugar, and cinnamon! They are the perfect go-to snack for when you need a little sweet snack. Try out the full recipe here.




Greek Cucumber Cupsgreek-cucumber-cups

This snack defines delicious! With a tasty mixture of tomatoes, olives, feta, and dill (along with a few other ingredients), this Greek snack will satisfy your taste buds without breaking that diet of yours! Get the full recipe here.




froyo-fruit-bitesFro-yo Fruit Bites

Who doesn’t love frozen yogurt right? Well, these bite size snacks are not just your average fro-yo. They are healthy frozen yogurt bites mixed with fresh fruits that come together to make the perfect snack. They are great for breakfast or a quick, on-the-go snack. Try them out with the full recipe here.




Zucchini Sushizucchini-sushi

These zucchini sushi bites are hard not to love! They are easy-to-make and the ingredients used mix together to create a deliciously refreshing (and very healthy) snack that will keep your stomach happy until the next meal! Learn how to make them here.





sweet-potato-toastSweet Potato Toast

Part of having a healthier diet may include cutting down on things like bread. Fortunately, this sweet potato snack is a great alternative. There’s no cooking involved (the sweet potato slices can be toasted in a regular toaster). And the best part is that you can customize your toast however you like. Whether you want peanut butter and jelly or avocado and lime, it all tastes great! Try it out here.




Crispy Green Bean Friescrispy-green-beans

Who said you need potatoes to have delicious fries! These crispy green bean fries will definitely give regular fries a run for their money! They are the perfect French fry alternative without any grease or deep frying. Get the full recipe here.





smores-banana-bitesS’mores Banana Bites

Leaving the best for last, these snacks are a healthier take on regular s’mores and are perfect for a late-night snack or if you have a little bit of a sweet tooth. They are snacks that can be enjoyed by everyone! Don’t take our word for it, get the full recipe here.





There you have it! Just a few delicious healthy snack ideas that taste great and won’t ruin your New Year resolution. Don’t forget to stop by our Healthy Living board on Pinterest for even more great healthy recipes.