7 Most Popular Winter Recipes

Winter is one of our favorite seasons here at Cooks Innovations! Why you ask? Simply put… it’s because of the food! Nothing beats eating a hot bowl of beef stew in a pair of cozy slippers while watching a Christmas movie marathon, right? Well, in celebration of Winter, we are giving you our 7 most popular Winter recipes for you to enjoy!


chocolate-chip-cookiesChocolate Chip Cookies

While we probably shouldn’t start off our list with a dessert, we really have no choice because they are the absolute best! Chocolate chip cookies are a definite essential during the winter months. With just the right amount of golden crisp and just the right amount of chewiness, these cookies are a sure way to put a smile on your face! Try making them at home with this delicious recipe!




salted-caramel-sauceSalted Caramel Sauce

So, we are clearly starting this list off with a sweet tooth, but we really can’t help it! Caramel can be used for just about anything. Whether it is poured on a pile of ice cream or drizzled on top of cup of hot cocoa, it is the perfect ingredient to add to any winter dessert! Get the full luscious salted caramel sauce recipe here.




slow-cooker-lentil-beef-stewSlow Cooker Lentil-Beef Stew

There is no denying that beef stew is a definite Winter recipe! Like we said earlier, nothing beats a hot bowl of beef stew after a cold, long day at work. And since this recipe is done in a slow cooker, all you have to do is toss the ingredients inside and go about your day until it is dinner time! But don’t take our word for it, try out this delicious recipe for yourself!




mac-and-cheeseCreamy Mac and Cheese

Sounds simple but Mac and Cheese is near and dear to our food-loving hearts and is the perfect dish to enjoy this season! There’s just something about warm, gooey, cheesy pasta that reminds us of cold winter nights! And we’re talking homemade, creamy, mouth-watering mac and cheese not the boxed version! Don’t miss out, get the full recipe here.




overstuffed-baked-potatoOverstuffed Twice-Baked Potatoes

Because a normal baked potato just isn’t enough for us, this overstuffed twice-baked potato is exactly what the name entails. They are huge, double-baked, and filled with delicious chopped bacon bits and creamy cheddar cheese (along with other ingredients). If you haven’t tried one before, don’t waste any more time and try out this recipe ASAP!




classic-chilliClassic Chili

You can’t go through Winter without enjoying a bowl of homemade chili! This classic chili recipe is exactly what you need on a cold night to warm you up and put you in a good mood. The mixture of ingredients come together to make the perfect Winter dish that reminds you of being back home with Mom during Christmas! Get the full recipe here and test it out for yourself!




homemade-eggnogHomemade Eggnog

Drinking eggnog during the holidays is a well-known tradition for the Winter months. While this particular recipe is alcoholic for any adults who want to indulge in a slightly spiked sweet drink, it can also be made without the alcohol for everyone to enjoy! Get the full classic eggnog recipe here.





These are just a few of our favorite Winter recipes! For more fun and delicious recipes that you can enjoy this holiday season, check out our Pinterest Holiday Boards!