8 Gross and Creepy Recipes for Halloween

Halloween is finally here and it just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t give you some deliciously gross and creepy recipes to try out for your Halloween celebration! So, get ready for some ugly, scary, and oh so creative Halloween recipes that are guaranteed to WOW your party guests.

puking-pumpkin-halloween-recipeThe Puking Pumpkin

Just the name sounds gross but this Halloween treat is a sure way to get your party guests attention! It is super simple to make. All you need is a small pumpkin and your favorite guacamole and chips. The best part about it is you can get super creative with your pumpkins face. Get the instructions on how to make it here.





Creepy Shirley Temples


This treat is definitely for the adult Halloween goers. The drink is super easy to make and will impress your guests with the presentation! All it takes is a beaker full of Ginger Ale, some cherries, and a syringe filled with Grenadine liqueur. Learn how to make the drink here.






bloody-good-cheesecake-halloween-recipesBloody Good Cheesecake

Talk about spooky! This cheesecake is far from your ordinary cheesecake! The recipe adds in a red velvet twist to the original cheesecake recipe and then uses a chocolate graham crust for an extra dark feel. For Halloween, presentation is everything! So, top it off with some red gel frosting and you have the ultimate bloody dessert! Try out the full recipe here.





Spooky Fingersspooky-fingers-halloween-recipes

Despite the name, this snack isn’t actually made of fingers. This simple treat is made up of pretzel rods, white chocolate, and pumpkin seeds. Sounds easy, right? The outcome is the perfect balance of creepy, tasty, and fun. Try them out yourself with the full instructions.







spiderweb-cake-halloween-recipesSpiderweb Cake Recipe

Halloween is nothing without a few spiders and a chocolate cake (we can’t forget the chocolate cake!) And this beautifully creepy dessert combines the two. It is easy to make and even better to eat. Once you’re done, add in a few plastic spiders for the perfect presentation and you have an eye-catching, Halloween dessert for everyone to enjoy. Get the full recipe here.






Bloody S’moresbloody-smores-halloween-recipes

Halloween and blood (fake blood) just kind of go together right? Well, this sweet treat is spooky, bloody, and oh so tasty! It consists of your usual s'more recipe: graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. But with an added ‘bloody’ red icing topping. It is a simple treat that is fun to look at and fun to eat. Learn how to make them here.






poison-candy-apples-halloween-recipesPoison Candy Apples

Eerie is the perfect word for this poisonous treat. It is a fun, creepy twist on the traditional candy apple that requires little work but yields perfect results. These poisonous apples are great for partiers of all ages. Try them out for your Halloween party with the full recipe!







Bloody Chocolate Cupsbloody-chocolate-cups-halloween-recipes

Just another bloody treat for a super creepy holiday! These bloody treats are vegan and gluten-free and only require 3 ingredients. Instead of peanut butter, these chocolaty cups are filled with raspberry sauce making it equal parts delicious and creepy. Learn exactly how to make them here.





These are just a few ghoulish desserts for your Trick-or-Treat Halloween celebration and for even more mouthwatering, Halloween treats, follow us on Pinterest!