How to Host a Virtual Holiday Party

How to Host a Virtual Holiday Party

With so many families and friends probably spending the holidays apart from each other, the season's festivity seems to be washed out. However, don't let lockdowns and safety measures keep you away from enjoying with your loved ones. Why not host a virtual holiday party? These can be just as fun and intimate as the real deal, plus everyone will be staying safe from the comfort of their home. Consider these three tips to make it happen. 

You're Invited to the Virtual Party

1. Make It Official with Invitations

Merely choosing a date to hang on a virtual call doesn't sound as exciting and fun as a real holiday party. So, to make it more engaging for everyone, try sending out online invitations to remind everyone about the virtual holiday party. Today you can find countless websites that will help you send out virtual invitations in less than 10 minutes like and It's also important that people save time in their calendar to block out any other appointments. Plus, you can also create RSVP lists and set up a small website that gives people a teaser of what to expect from the party, giveaways, and more cool stuff. 

Party Games

2. Plan Some Games

If you don't have anything planned, the video call can quickly turn into a mess. Instead, consider setting up your little party agenda. You could try to host an ugly sweater contest, so everyone feels excited to participate. Think about different games you can play, for example, Heads Up, charades, Pictionary, or bingo. These are all engaging activities that will have everyone entertained and excited about being on the call.

Meal Packages

3. Send Meal Packages

Instead of having people sit there and talk to each other, plan to send them each a meal package like the Hello Fresh Christmas Box. This kit can include snacks, entrees, and drinks, so your guests don't have to worry about cooking or having to leave the call to get to dinner. If your budget is limited, you can even ask people to chip in to get these meal packages paid for and arranged to be sent out on the party's day. 

Holiday Party Background

4. Holiday Party Backgrounds

Make your holiday virtual party even more festive with a fun holiday background. There are plenty of free tools, like Canva, that will allow you to create the best virtual backgrounds for your holiday party.

Party Box

5. Holiday Party Box

Get everyone super excited for your virtual holiday part by sending them a party box! You can include anything you want in the box including games, picture props, coloring sheets for kids, and so much more. The possibilities of a holiday party box are endless, and it keeps everyone excited about the party and makes them feel connected to each other even more.

Online Holiday Parties Can Be Fun

Don't let lockdowns keep you from enjoying some time with your loved ones. Holiday virtual parties can be fun and exciting as long as you have the basics prepared. With these three tips, you're all set to host the most fabulous holiday virtual party of the year. 

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