How to mail your Christmas cookies to your loved ones

How to mail your Christmas cookies to your loved ones

This year as we need to celebrate apart, we need to be more creative with spreading holiday cheer. Yummy treats are always the best gift for any age or person, and it’s a way to get that homemade Christmas-y feeling even from a distance. 

No matter if you’re sending your baked goods to a loved one far away or just leaving by a neighbor’s doorstep, we have just the tips you need to help you learn how to mail your Christmas cookies.

First, the cookie!

Firstly, try to remember any dietary or allergies. You want the recipient to munch away on those treats without worrying about what they shouldn’t have! Next, do a quick Google search to find baked goods that will travel well and not be too fragile, but also consider what can last through the time it may take to ship.

Short Bread Cookies  Some of our recommendations:
  •   Shortbread
  •   Chocolate chip cookies
  •   Macaroons
  •   Granola bars
  •   Banana bread

Don’t forget to plan ahead. Send them as soon as possible; when they are finished and cooled off. Also, we know frosting is super cute and festive, but you may want to skip it for shipping, so your cookies don’t turn into a disaster on the way to their destination.

Second, the packaging!

Next steps to plan are for the packaging! It’s really the key to a successful shipment. No one wants all the baked goods to be crumbles when your loved one open the box. Think of how far or long the cookies will transport for. We suggest that you wrap your cookies either in pairs for added sturdiness or protect them individually yet liberally with some plastic wrap and foil.

Pro-tip: Parchment paper between each layer adds extra cushion!

Pack all the cookies in an airtight container, preferably with a festive vibe, don’t you think? And don't forget a heavily padded shipping box! 

Last, but not least, postal service!

Lastly, if you send the cookies by postal services, label the box ’perishable’ or ’fragile’ so that hopefully (seriously fingers crossed) the box will be handled with more care.

Since it is the holidays, why not send a cute holiday card with your treats? You may have even started a new tradition sharing recipes and cookies during the holidays, pretty sweet, right?!



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