Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day Gift Guide

It's that time of year again, where we are getting ready to celebrate the woman in your life who can do just about anything and everything; your mom! Though she may always deny wanting or needing anything on special days like Mother’s Day, she really loves it when you try to put even the smallest effort into getting a gift for her (which is why she deserves it all)!

That’s why this year we're helping you pick out the perfect gift for Mom with a Cooks Innovations Mother's Day Gift Guide filled with presents that will absolutely warm her heart. Let's let the gift giving begin!


pie mom cooks innovationsFor the pie mom!

If your mother loves pies as much as we do (which is A LOT!), then she probably loves a perfectly golden, flaky crust, but hates all of the time that it takes to reach perfection! Luckily there exists a tool that was made just for our fellow pie connoisseurs, the Non-Stick Flaky Pie Crust Pan. This innovative pan has specially designed perforations, that allow just the right amount of heat to reach the bottom of the pie to ensure a flaky pie crust - every time!

  • No pre-baking necessary = saves time
  • No more soggy crusts
  • Perfect heat circulation
  • Dishwasher safe

Get yours here today!


fruit scoop cooks innovationsFor the fancy mom!

Some moms just love to make beautiful dishes and love to appreciate the aesthetics of the food as much as the taste! Well, if this is the case, then the Adjustable Fruit Scoop is just the gift you need! This cool kitchen gadget was designed for stable gripping and control while allowing you to deseed, scoop and slice nearly any fruit or vegetable.

  • Adjustable blade
  • Easy to clean
  • Easily cut through fruits and vegetables
  • Durable Stainless Steel

Get one for Mom here.



spoontula cooks innovationsFor the Mom who hates wasting food!

There are plenty of mother's out there who absolutely hate wasting food. Your spending your hard-earned money on these items, so why not get the most out of them right? Well, the Cooks Innovations Spoontula allows you to virtually clean out your cans and jars so there's no more left-over food! Definitely a must-have for any kitchen!

  • No wasted food.
  • Nylon core for strength
  • Flexible spoon sides
  • Safe on all coated and uncoated cookware
  • Heat resistant up to 500 degrees F
  • Dishwasher safe

Get one (or two) for Mom here.



teflon liner cooks innovationsFor the healthy cooking Mom!

If anyone is going to remind you to eat your veggies and stay healthy it is definitely going to be your mother (which we love her for of course). But it isn't always easy avoiding oil or grease when cooking some of your favorite dishes. Now, with the Teflon Fry Pan Liner, your mom can fry low calorie meals without added fat or oil. Food cooks in its own juices, retaining all the flavor and nutritional value. 🤯😲

  • 100% non-stick
  • Reusable hundreds of times on both sides
  • Easy to clean
  • Protects pan from scorching
  • Dishwasher safe

Get it for Mom here today (it's also on sale!)


foodie tongs cooks innovationsFor the multi-tool Mom!

We don't know why but there are lots of moms who love a good multi-use tool. Whether it is a reversible item or some type of 2-in-1 tool, moms just love the convenience of something that has more than one purpose. If this sounds like your mom, then the Foodie Tongs are the perfect gift to give! One-handed operation makes it easy to whisk, grab and serve. Turn over any shape of food, remove it from boiling water or hot oil!

  • 12-inch-long multi-purpose kitchen tool
  • Great for turning burgers and steaks
  • Use it to serve salads or grab pickles from a jar
  • Can even be used as a whisk
  • Locks closed for compact storage

Get one for Mom (and for yourself😉) here!



The gifts don’t stop there! We have just the right tool for any Mom! Whether you are looking for a cooking or baking tool, something for kitchen organization, or the latest food prep gadget, we have exactly what you are looking for!

Mother’s Day is about celebrating the amazing woman in your life that puts you above everything and we want to be a part of the celebration by giving you 20% from now until Mother's Day using promo code MOM20! Don’t miss out on this deal!

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