Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day Gift Guide

We all love Mom, but it is finally time to focus on Dad! Father’s Day is approaching fast, and we want to show all of the great Dad’s out there some love with a gift guide just for them! Give your father the gift of convenience and efficiency with some of our innovative kitchen power tools!

For the Grilling Dad

It is finally summer time and it is the perfect time to grill and there is no better tool to gift to your dad than the new Foodie Tongs. This tool is a one-handed, multi-tasking tool that Dad can us to flip burgers, turn steaks, serve salads, and more! I can even be used as a whisk! Your dad will definitely love it and use it every chance that he gets!

  • Easy to clean
  • Folds flat and locks for easy storage
  • Use it to flip, turn, serve, and whisk food!

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foodie red cooks innovations


For the Convenient Dad!

Nothing says power tool like a gadget that has multiple purposes! And this 4-in-1 Safety Opener is the perfect multi-tool that your dad didn’t know he needed! It makes opening cans, jars, bottles, and pulling tabs super easy and safe so Dad can open drinks and foods like a breeze for the ladies (or just for your Mom)!  

  • Leaves no sharp edges
  • Eliminates risk of cross contamination
  • Opens cans, jars, bottles, and tabs with little to no effort

Get one for Dad here.

4 in 1 safety opener cooks innovations


For the Foodie Dad!

It’s time to give your dad the gift of perfectly crispy food! From chicken wings and nuggets to fries, pizza, and pastries, the Non-Stick Oven Crisper Sheet & Grill Mat allows perfect heat circulation around the food to prevent soggy, uneven cooking, ensuring deliciously crispy food every time! And as a bonus, the non-stick surface requires no oil or butter, making it ideal for fat-free cooking!

  • Can be used on the grill and in the oven
  • 100% non-stick
  • Reusable hundreds of times on both sides

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oven crisper sheet cooks innovations


For the Outdoor Loving Dad!

If your dad loves to grill but hates cleaning, the Non-Stick Copper Grill & Bake Mat is the perfect gift for him. With the Copper Grill & Bake Mat you can free your dad of the annoying scrubbing of the grates, of nasty residue from the grates sticking to the food, and the worry of food falling through. And on top of that, it still gives you those delicious grill marks that we all love to see on our steaks and burgers!

  • 100% non-stick
  • Easy to clean
  • Makes outdoor cooking more hygienic
  • Makes clean up a breeze!

Get it for Dad here today!

cooks innovations copper grill mat


For the Drink-aholic Dad!

If your dad needs a little bit more storage space for his cans and bottles, then we’ve got you covered! The Fridge Monkey is the perfect tool to use to maximize storage space in your fridge. It can stack up to 10 beer or soft drink cans and bottles giving him more space in the fridge for his other favorite foods and drinks!

  • Organize drinks
  • Maximize space
  • Multi-use for bottles, cans, and jars
  • Also use in mini-fridges and coolers

Get one for Dad here today!

cooks innovations fridge monkey


Dad’s love to be in the kitchen just like Mom so why not get them functional tools that they need to make their cooking experiences the best they can be! Whether you are looking for a cooking or baking tool, something for kitchen organization, or the latest food prep gadget, we have exactly what you are looking for!

Father’s Day is all about Dad and we want to help you get him something truly amazing, which is why we are giving you 20% from now until Father’s Day using promo code DAD20! Don’t miss out on this deal!

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