Prime Day Deals You Don’t Want to Miss!

Prime Day Deals You Don’t Want to Miss!

Prime Day is quickly approaching, and we are super excited to give you two days of great deals on eligible Cooks Innovations products sold in our Amazon store! Whether you’re a mom who loves to cook, a baker, a master chef, or a kitchen connoisseur we have unique kitchen gadgets that will make life in the kitchen so much easier!

Check out a few of our Prime Day deals here:



The Spoontula is the newest Cooks Innovations gadget that will make your life so much easier in the kitchen! It’s a genius combination of a spoon and spatula made up of food-safe silicone and this unique contraption can be used on all coated and non-coated surfaces! It’s flexible sides and nylon core makes it light-weight and easy-to-use while flipping, scraping, and serving some of your favorite foods. And for 2 days only, you can get the Spoontula set of 2 for 20% off! 😍😍😍

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Crisper Sheets

crisper sheet

Nothing is worse than soggy food (🤢)! Luckily, the Cooks Innovations Crisper Sheet allows perfect heat circulation around food, preventing soggy, uneven cooking in toaster ovens and backyard grills. This lightweight gadget is easy to clean, super durable, and 100% non-stick (so there’s no need for grease, butter, or oil!). AND, if it isn’t amazing already, when using the Crisper Sheet, there is no need to turn foods halfway through baking because there is perfect heat circulation around the food! 🤯

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Zip Whisk

zip whisk

If you have a love for all things convenient and cool, then this is the tool for you! The Cooks Innovations Zip Whisk is the tool that you didn’t know you needed in your kitchen! The Zip Whisk is a unique tool that lets you whisk like a pro! Pushing the handle down in a continuous motion rotates the whisk. Just push and mix. Froth milk to create a perfect cappuccino, make your own homemade mayonnaise, create fluffy omelets, milk shakes, smoothies, whipped cream and more! It is absolute perfection!

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Fridge Monkey

fridge monkey

Oh, the joys of an organized fridge! Isn’t it just a dream to have all of your drinks fit into the fridge without taking up a majority of the storage space? Well, that dream just became a reality with our Fridge Monkey! The Fridge Monkey is a flexible rubber mat designed to maximize storage space in your fridge. By stacking bottles and cans on the Fridge Monkey it stops them from rolling around. Ideal storage for cans and bottles. Don’t miss out on a great deal for such a cool kitchen gadget!

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Ceramic Grater Plate - 3 Piece Set

grater plate

Invented over a century ago in the South of France, this beautiful Ceramic Grater purees garlic quickly and easily with just a few strokes of your hand. The grater works equally well for ginger, onions, strawberries, carrots, apples/pears, chocolate, nutmeg, nuts (walnuts/almonds/cashews), cheese & more! This beautiful hand-painted designer ceramic grater plate is the perfect addition to any kitchen!

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The deals don’t stop there! Want to check out our other innovative kitchen gadgets this Prime Day? We have a whole list of items just waiting to make your life in the kitchen easier! Check out the rest of our products on Amazon and don’t miss out on the awesome discounts this 15th and 16th for Prime Day!