Cooks Innovations™ Launches the Deep Fryer Filter, a Healthier Way to Fry Food at Home

Cooks Innovations™ Launches the Deep Fryer Filter, a Healthier Way to Fry Food at Home

The Deep Fryer Filter’s woven mesh design fits fryer baskets of all sizes, catches residue and crumbs, and keeps frying oil clean three times longer.

Lake Mary, Florida–May 28, 2015– Cooks Innovations™, an IMCG, Inc. brand, announced today the launch of its Deep Fryer Filter, providing a healthier way for families to prepare deep-fried food while keeping frying oil clean three times longer.

“The Deep Fryer Filter’s woven mesh technology provides an exciting, healthier alternative to the usual practice of frying foods at home,” said Peter Vander Stichele, President. He added, “More than 7 million deep fryers are sold annually to American families. As we move toward a healthier consciousness in our country, the Deep Fryer Filter allows families to have their fried chicken, tempura, French fries, and spring rolls while keeping the frying oil fresher and cleaner for longer.”

It’s not necessary to settle for unhealthy, burnt residue at the bottom of the deep fryer. Home cooks can simply cut the filter to the fryer’s basket size and fry their favorite tater tots or shrimp as usual. The non-stick Deep Fryer Filter catches residue and crumbs and can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use.

The Deep Fryer Filter fits easily into any rectangular, deep fryer basket and is reusable 1,000 times. Find this essential cooking tool at retailers nationwide and online at

The Deep Fryer Filter joins the Cooks Innovations™ line of creative problem solvers for the home and kitchen, such as the patented, 2015 IHA Innovation award-winning Butter Mill, the SimmerMat, and the Fridge Monkey.


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Cooks Innovations is the new consumer brand from IMCG, Inc., launched in 2014. Founded in 1998, IMCG, Inc. is a privately-held organization headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida. The company specializes in designing, manufacturing, and distributing problem-solving innovations for the home. For the past 17 years, IMCG, Inc. has demonstrated its commitment to improving the lives of families looking for practical and fun solutions to everyday challenges.
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