Labor Day Party Recipes

Labor Day Party Recipes

We all know that Labor Day celebrations typically mark the end of Summer so why not make your End-of-Summer celebration one to remember with a few mouthwatering dishes? These dishes will wow your guests and have them begging for more! Don’t believe us? Check out the recipes now!


Bunless Burger Bites

We know what you’re thinking; “how can you eat a burger with no bun?” It’s easy! Just follow this tasty recipe to create the perfect appetizer for your Labor Day party. They are fun to eat and definitely less messy than a regular burger. Try them out for your party. Get the full recipe here.







Ribs Supremedelish-ribs-supreme-labor-day

The name basically says it all! These ribs are finger licking good and can be cooked on the grill in 15 minutes! The trick is to steam the ribs in the oven for an hour before you put them on the grill. It takes very few ingredients to make these perfect ribs and the end result is pure happiness! Don’t miss out, try the recipe here.







Grilled Ranch Potatoesdelish-grilled-potatoes-labor-day

Yes, you read it right, we said ‘Grilled’ potatoes. But these aren’t your everyday potatoes. These potatoes are tossed in olive oil, lemon juice, delicious ranch seasoning, and of course ranch dressing! The combination of ingredients makes it hard to just stop at one bite.  Check out the full recipe here (you can thank us later).






Giant Chipwich Cakedelish-giant-chipwich-labor-day

You can’t have a celebration without a cake! But who wants the same boring cake that you have at every other occasion? Well, this Giant Chipwich (chocolate chip and sandwich) Cake is a supersize version of a normal cookie sandwich and it is guaranteed to make your Labor Day party a success! Get the entire recipe here.







Banana Split Kebabsdelish-banana-split-kebab-labor-day

If your trying to go for a much healthier dessert for your end of Summer celebration then this Banana Split Kebab is the perfect choice. It is a fun spin on the classic banana split that involves just a few ingredients. This delicious, frozen dessert will surely put a smile on everyone’s face. Find out how to make them here.






There you have it! Just a few tasty recipes to get your Labor Day party started! For more fun, delicious Labor Day food ideas, follow us on Pinterest!