National Cheese Pizza Day Tools

National Cheese Pizza Day Tools

It’s National Cheese Pizza Day and we are celebrating our love for these deliciously cheesy pies by showing you some of our best kitchen gadgets to make cooking and serving pizza a breeze! Whether you enjoy a freshly ordered pizza or prefer to bake your own from scratch, we have the perfect tools to make your pizza experiences even happier than they already are! Check them out below…

Non-Stick Copper Oven Liner

Nothing messes up a day more than having to scrub gunk off the bottom of your oven! It is a dirty job that is tiring and time consuming. The Non-Stick Copper Oven Liner is specially coated with a nonstick surface to protect your oven from those nasty messes. So, when you are making pizza and the cheese drips, there’s no need to worry about scraping or scrubbing! Get yours here.



SimmerMat Heat Diffuser

This cool kitchen tool is perfect for slow simmering without sticking, scorching, or burning. It is the perfect gadget to use when trying to make that delicious homemade pizza sauce. The SimmerMat works on ALL cooking surfaces so it doesn’t matter if you are using a gas, electric, glass, ceramic, or induction stove top, you will get controlled, even heat every time! Get your SimmerMat here.



Oven Crisper Sheetoven-crisper-sheet

Say goodbye to soggy pizza forever! The Oven Crisper Sheet is another cool tool that allows perfect heat circulation around your food and ensures CRISP food every time! It is another one of Cooks Innovations non-stick tools so there is no need for oil or grease and clean-up is a piece of cake. It is the ideal tool for making a perfectly crisp pizza pie at home. Get it here today!




Non-Stick Liner Roll

Like our other revolutionary kitchen gadgets, the Non-Stick Liner Roll is designed to make your cooking experience a smooth one. The Liner Roll can be cut to fit any bakeware and prevents your food from sticking to your pans. It is 100% non-stick so it replaces oil, butter, or grease. And as a bonus, it can be used a thousand times on each side! Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t! Check it out here.



Pizza Grip Tongspizza-grip-tongs

These pizza grip tongs look cool and making serving slices of pizza super easy! They easily slide under and grip the pizza slice without slipping. They are an easy to use, easy to clean tool that is a must have for any pizza lover. Impress your friends with this cool pizza gadget today!




Sit back and enjoy National Cheese Pizza Day with a delicious slice of pizza and make your pizza experiences as fun and easy as possible with some of our cool kitchen gadgets. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for information on our latest innovations, sales, and recipes.