Top 5 Back to School Must-Have Dorm Gadgets

School is almost back in session so you are probably stacking up your notebooks, pens, highlighters, binders and all the other supplies that you need. But the real question is, do you have everything you need for your dorm room? College life can be tough; luckily, we have the perfect gadgets to help make dorm life as easy as possible.


number-one-cooks-innovationsFRIDGE MONKEYfridge-monkey-cooks-innovations

What’s a mini fridge without a Fridge Monkey, right? There is only so much that you can fit into a mini fridge so storage space is important! The Cooks Innovations Fridge Monkey is a flexible rubber mat that helps you maximize the storage space in your fridge. It can fit 10 cans or bottles and still leave you space for your TV dinners and junk food! Check it out for yourself here!



two-cooks-innovations4-IN-1 SAFETY OPENER

When you can combine 4 tools in 1 it’s an automatic safety-opener-bottle-cooks-innovaitonsmust-have! This is why the 4-in-1 Safety Opener should be on your list of dorm gadgets. It is a cool looking gadget that opens cans, bottles and jars, and even safety-opener-cooks-innovationspulls tabs. Bottles, cans, jars, tabs, they are all likely to be a part of your dorm experience so why not be prepared? Get your safety opener here.





If you’re in a dorm you are pretty limited to what food you can make. Well the Toasterbag is the perfect tool that will let you enjoy toasted sandwiches, pizza slices, panini’s, bacon and more using just your toaster! It is reusable up to 50 times and it is super easy to clean. Don’t miss out on a cool tool like the Toasterbag! Get yours here today!



four-cooks-innovationsIRONING MAT

Living in a dorm means taking care of yourself, so no more asking mom to iron your clothes (bummer)! But we want to help you protect your fabrics and avoid scorching your clothes with our Ironing Mat. It allows all of the heat to transfer through the mat and straight to the clothes without sticking! It is a definite dream come true for any college student. Get your Ironing Mat here.



five-cooks-innovationsCOPPER OVEN LINERcopper-oven-liner-cooks-innovations

So, you’re probably wondering “Why would I need an Oven Liner?” Yes, there probably won’t be any ovens in your dorm but this copper liner can be cut to any size and used in any toaster oven to keep it clean (who really has time to clean when you have lectures and homework to worry about right?) Get yours here!



Save time and make dorm life a little easier with these cool gadgets! And if you want more gadgets and time saving tips visit our Surviving College board on Pinterest.